Saturday, October 27, 2007

Old pics of the Balloon Fest

Chuck had mentioned our trip to the balloon fest a few posts back and said we didn't get any good pictures. I disagree. I just think it's where baby pictures in a crowd meet art house. Judge for yourself.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fun Picture

He's a little cupie doll.
or Superman
but even if it doesn't look the same he reminds me of Edward Grimley.

A Miracle

This picture is Perrin eating the wipee box at his kidney doctor's office. We'd forgotten to pack toys so we entertained ourselves with the wipee box and camera.
Earlier this month Perrin had some tests for his kidneys. If you remember when he was born his kidney had water on it and he had a backward reflux from his bladder to his kidney rated a 5/5. 99% of the time this requires surgery. Our nephrologist, Dr. Nold, had Perrin watched and taking an antibiotic for a year. We went for imaging studies late last month, and I commented to the radiologist how he'd previously had a grade 5 reflux. The radiologist didn't seem to believe me, so he pulled his films. He came back saying, you are right, he did have a grade 5 and it is now completely normal. This is really a miracle. I smiled politely and thanked him but I had asked Dr. Nold about the chances for Perrins to revert to normal previously, and Dr. Nold said something like while most grade 5's have a 99% chance of surgery, preemies, have a slightly better chance for resolution, or at the very least to ratchet down the level of severity, so I'd taken this with a grain of salt. When we went to see Dr. Nold he looked at the films and was thrilled. He also called it a miracle and says while he expected things to improve, that they improved this quickly was truly a miracle, and we have run out of reasons to keep meeting like this.

We are very happy that Perrin is doing so well.