Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Finn

The babies went to their friend Finn's birthday party this weekend. He's a whopping one year old now. I stole these pics that Finn's mom Colleen took.

Finn had a monster themed party, and his monster cake was made with a red velvet interior. Very Clever, and very bloody looking as he tore through it.

Sarah thought Finn made that cake look good and went up and stelthly stole some while Finn was distracted by his grandma. She didn't realize that the bloody cake on her face would give her away though.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Living In A Box

We've been busy preparing for the holidays and fighting off the flu bug that we really haven't had the time to celebrate the Christmas season. Throw in our regular hectic schedule and the fact that I have only one really good hand and you have a perfect recipe for not getting everything done. Meva and I have tried taking pictures along they way, and here a little sampling of what's been happening.

Ryan Needs A Haircut

Ryan Gets A Haircut

Ryan After The Haircut

Perrin Looks Cute With A Hoodie

Sarah Does Too! Ryan Wouldn't Sit Still For His Hoodie Picture

Corporations spend countless resources developing new items and technology to create toys to enthrall and mesmerize kids in ways that were thought to be science fiction by their parents or grandparents. Research, development, marketing, and advertising go into making these incredible widgets that people buy and send across the country to their loved ones and what is it ultimately happens? The kids become obsessed with the box it came in!!

Sarah In A Box $19.99

No Room For Perrin! Sarah Has Taken Over!

Smiling Ryan, What's He Up To??

As of now we plan on working on their Christmas pictures tomorrow, which means Christmas cards will be late, but we will have them sent out. Please forgive our tardiness because as parents we operate with one workable brain (almost all of which is Meva), low sleep levels, and 3 out of 4 working hands. We do our best, but like to think we have fun along the way!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Time is Flying

It seems like it was just the other day I uploaded this video to youtube with the idea that I would link it to the blog... now it's been roughly six months and instead of babies crawling over each other they are running around the room. While I am excited for their accomplishments I am also mourning the loss of their babyhood...

Click here for the movie of Ryan and Sarah crawling and kissing each other.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Best Christmas Picture Ever

Last year we took some pics of the babies for Christmas with the idea that we would make a calender for everyone for Christmas this year. The problem with that idea is that it involves having the time to make it happen, so instead I will just share with you The Best Christmas Picture Ever...

Baby Elves

The babies heard about Fred Claus needing to help out at the north pole this year, and confusing Fred Clause for Grandpa Fred, went on up to the north pole to help out Grandpa. Click here to see their cheery elfness.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Giving Thanks

This past weekend was a very special Thanksgiving as we celebrated Grandma Muriel's health. Unfortunately the babies health was not so great. They came down with bouts of bronchitis, and though they are doing better now, it made for a rough visit in terms of baby neediness. One special treat was that my Grandmother, Dixie also came. This meant four generations were together for the first time in our family. Grandma Dixie (GG) has Alzheimer's and rarely leaves the house these days. One of my favorite moments of the weekend I was able to catch on video, where GG was singing what she could remember of Rockabye Baby to Sarah.

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Pile Of Leaves

We've got some nice old trees in our neighborhood that are just huge and full of vibrant colors this time of year. Their are so many of them on our block that I end up racking and blowing the yard at least three times a season and collecting enough leaves to fill approximately 40 garbage bags. It's not an exaggeration my any means. We recently had a nice warm evening That I thought would be perfect to for the triplets to experience their first time in a pile of leaves. Judge for yourself how well that went:

First one in was Perrin, He definitely wasn't sure about this.

Sarah however was very curious.

The it was time to throw them all in together.

By this point they all decided how they felt about the whole experience, it was kinda scary.

Daddy came to try and tell us its fun. Daddy is a weirdo sometimes, but we believed him that it was safe.

We were really ready to go back in the house and play with our toys.

Although Ryan was amazed at Daddy and his hat, Perrin sad it was over and time to come in. He was mad at daddy for this.

Well, we've got a big thanks giving weekend coming up this week and we hope to have plenty of pictures to share, maybe even while we're there. Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Changes Are Here

You're noticing the changes I've made as you read this. They're totally seasonal and will change after the Holidays, but I'd love some feedback from people. Please send me your thoughts via email at Triplet Dad.

Sharon The Destruction

In the past we've talked about the destructive prowess of our resident Baby Huey, Ryan "BammBamm" Kennedy, but I fear we've been a bit unfair in our coverage. All of our children are destructive. Period. This is a fact of the stubborn nature they've inherited from both Meva and I, as well as my unique gift of freakish strength that they all possess to a degree. After months of collecting and a few more months of procrastinating, I'm finally getting around to posting the proof. I think the most interesting aspect of these photos is that each destructive act reflects a portion of their personalities, but please judge for yourself:

We don't call Ryan Bamm Bamm for nothing! No Rattle is ever safe!!

For over 6 months I've had the remains of this block waiting for a photo. This occurred at the height of Perrin's paper cravings.

Sarah has always had a love for food, and I think this photo just kinda sums it up perfectly.

Here's an extra little photo of Ryan and his Aunt Sharon during his first exposure to the Arts!

The picture of Ryan and Sharon was taken at my niece Ashley's final high school play. Uncle Louie was the chef in charge of the meals for the dinner theater performance. Ashley's final play was a really a Shakespeare sampler that was a lot of fun to watch. The babies were very awake and curious about everything. Ryan was the most interested in the play, he was actively watching and following along to the best of his little baby abilities. They were laughing and clapping and unfortunately they also got talkative too. Luckily uncle Louie had extra cookies from dinner and that helped to keep them quiet.............for awhile at least. All things considered, they were very well behaved and we both enjoyed exposing the kids to the Theater, even high school drama, at an early age.

Lastly, I wanted to tell everyone about a very annoying little habit Ryan has developed of late. It doesn't matter how much he has ate, how recently he ate, or even if he's currently eating, if he sees Mommy or Daddy eating, he absolutely must have some of what we are eating because even if it's the exact same thing they are eating. If we refuse, he gets mad and cries and sometimes throws a little fit and drops to the floor and kicks his feet. Obviously we must have chocolate forks or glazed plates!

That's it for now. I have some photos of the babies first exposure to a large pile of leaves, so check back in a few days!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Halloween Picture Parade

My hand is still hurting and I'm not going to be too wordy again, so I apologize for going lite on information. There are a few things Meva and I would like to share.

First thing is that Perrin had his one year follow-up visit with Dr. Hahn, his neurologist, for his hydrocephalus. Dr. Hahn said Perrin was doing fine and he gave him a clean bill of health in regards to all things hydrocephalus. We actually suspected this would be the case and continue to count our blessings that he continues to do well. We were lucky that Perrin had such a great medical team behind his diagnosis and treatment. That's why we appreciate everyone who supported us on our charity walk. On behalf of the parents and people who aren't as fortunate as Perrin, thank you.

Milestone-wise, the kids have started to do some cool and fun things. All three kids are now playing "Sooooo Big", but sometimes Perrin only uses one hand and looks like he's giving a Nazi salute. Meva's also really worked hard with getting the kids to start pointing to body parts and we're seeing some small success, with Sarah of course leading the way. I think all of them will occasionally point to their nose, but Sarah will also point out her eyes and her belly and belly button. (We call them her "Buddha Belly" and "Buddha Belly Button"!)

Next thing that's cool is each of the kids are using some sign language, specifically using the sign for milk and Sarah has said "shoes!" That's just fricking cool.

The most exciting news is that Sarah is now really talking, but not saying much. She will however call me Da-da when she wants my attention and she's been saying "Hi" to me when I say it to her first. Ryan is occasionally saying "Milk" and his trying to say some heated, crazy, passionate things that escape his mouth in a throaty, baby-deep, garbled stream. We're trying to get it on video so every can see it.

Finally, here are the photos:

Sarah was Dorothy, but she couldn't find Toto anywhere.

Ryan was the Cowardly Lion and Perrin was the Scarecrow.

We loaded the kids into their train and went trick-or-treating around the block.

The Scarecrow never met a chocolate teddy graham he didn't like.

The Same thing can be said for Dorothy!

Then we stopped at a neighbor's haunted house before returning home.

Next year I think this place will actually be scary for the kids, but it's really cool.

Back home again, we put the monsters back in their cages.

But the Lion got out and said he was going to Arizona to eat his cousin Joey.

That's everything for tonight. I've got some more cute stories to tell and hopefully a few more pictures to show or even a video as well. Also, if you're interested in making a donation to the hydrocephalus research fund, it's not too late. Just click on the link at the top left hand side and follow the links to donate. Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

Lastly, I'm looking to change the blog's look in the next week, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them, so send them to me at Triplet Dad. I can't promise I'll use it, but I will look it over. See ya in a few days

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Trip To Oz

October was a very busy month and it came and went before we even realized it was here. I had reconstructive surgery on my hand, my mother spent a weekend on life support, Sarah got stitches in her face, we went to a pumpkin farm, and of course we finished with our first official Trick or Treating! I'm no fool though, no one's coming here to listen to me prattle on, you all just want some pictures of the triplets! Well, I aim to please, so let's get started:

Perrin has started to like wearing daddy's hats!! He'll actually wear them for a minute or two as he crawls away into the land of toys.

Lately when we try to take her picture she always tries to touch the lens, but Sarah wants everyone to know that she's #1!!

Of course, that also meant she was the first baby to get stitches! She got these from getting bitten by our dog Gus. We didn't see exactly what happened, but got ended up biting her in the face. Gus is on his way out as a result---anyone want a dog??

I wonder what was in that last bottle?

Then we all went to the pumpkin farm and got to see a bunch of neat things. Everyone sat on a tractor, but it's hard to see real well because we forgot our regular camera and had to buy a disposable camera instead. Here's Perrin on the tractor.

And here's Ryan

And the baby girl farmer!

We also saw some goats, one of them was named Fred. Sarah thought they were funny.

Ryan thought they were too.

Perrin, well he wasn't so happy.

Little Fudd liked the pumpkins much better!

Sarah, Ryan, and I even crawled around in the pumpkin patch too!

The triplets really enjoyed the pumpkins.

But eventually we had to go, so it was over the bridge and home for us.

That's it for today. My hand is starting to really hurt, so I'll post the Halloween pictures tomorrow!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Old pics of the Balloon Fest

Chuck had mentioned our trip to the balloon fest a few posts back and said we didn't get any good pictures. I disagree. I just think it's where baby pictures in a crowd meet art house. Judge for yourself.