Sunday, December 23, 2007

Living In A Box

We've been busy preparing for the holidays and fighting off the flu bug that we really haven't had the time to celebrate the Christmas season. Throw in our regular hectic schedule and the fact that I have only one really good hand and you have a perfect recipe for not getting everything done. Meva and I have tried taking pictures along they way, and here a little sampling of what's been happening.

Ryan Needs A Haircut

Ryan Gets A Haircut

Ryan After The Haircut

Perrin Looks Cute With A Hoodie

Sarah Does Too! Ryan Wouldn't Sit Still For His Hoodie Picture

Corporations spend countless resources developing new items and technology to create toys to enthrall and mesmerize kids in ways that were thought to be science fiction by their parents or grandparents. Research, development, marketing, and advertising go into making these incredible widgets that people buy and send across the country to their loved ones and what is it ultimately happens? The kids become obsessed with the box it came in!!

Sarah In A Box $19.99

No Room For Perrin! Sarah Has Taken Over!

Smiling Ryan, What's He Up To??

As of now we plan on working on their Christmas pictures tomorrow, which means Christmas cards will be late, but we will have them sent out. Please forgive our tardiness because as parents we operate with one workable brain (almost all of which is Meva), low sleep levels, and 3 out of 4 working hands. We do our best, but like to think we have fun along the way!

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