Friday, May 25, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I'm not too sure exactly what's been going on here, but the photos in the last post have vanished on two separate ocassions. Each time it's happened I've gone back and corrected the problem by reinserting the photos. As of this writing and post, they should be back up now.

I don't want to let this opportunity go by without posting a few new pictures for the holiday weekend. This one to the left is one I believe that Meva took of the babies waiting for me to come home from work on the weekend. I guess it's pretty sad when Meva and I are taking so many pictures that I can't remember who shot which one. Regardless of who shot this photo, the babies were standing and waiting for one of us to come home through the door. They are sitting on our loveseat and looking out the picture window. I have selfishly titled this picture, Where's Daddy? Remember, double click on it if you'd like to see a bigger version of this picture. (It should make it easier to see also.)

This other picture here on the right is of just Sarah and Ryan from behind. Pay particular attention to Ryan's little butt. No, he didn't have an "accident," at least not in the traditional sense. This is a something Meva and I call "Milkbutt." Milkbutt happens when the babies are drinking from their podee and for whatever reason, they decide to just play around with the nipple end and eventually come to sit on it, forcing the milk inside to leak. With only one place to go, the event actually self names. Of the three of them, Perrin is the worst offender of self-milkbutting. He often plays with his podee while he should be eating and then spends the next hour or so crawling around with a wet tushy. From time to time it happens to Ryan, and Sarah--------- well let's just say that she takes her eating seriously! In fact, if she gets a chance she will go around and finish whatever is left over in her brother's bottles if I don't get the podees picked up in enough time.

This last picture is an old one, but I think it needs to be shared any way because it makes his mommy happy. Meva is right in that we don't have as many photos of Ryan. The simple fact of the matter is that he won't sit still well for pictures. He smiles and laughs just like any baby, but once it's time to take a photo, he clams up and just stares into the camera like a sad little thing. We've cuaght some pictures of him smiling, but they are rare indeed. This is him eating and wearing my Bears hat. I know that all the kids are much more comfortable with me than anyone else since they see me the most, but I think they all go a step further in their fascination with my things. They don't go after Meva's shoes, or her pants, or anything like that. Same thing holds true with my baseball caps. Currently they like to chew on the brims of the hat, but they've always just like to play with them even when they weren't teething. This particular day in Feburary Ryan was just really digging my hat, so I let him wear it. I personally can't wait until next year when I can actually start buying them little youth baseball hats! It will be great.

That's it for now. If you notice anything weird about the photos on this post and the last one, please send me an email by clicking this link EL CONQUISTADOR. Sometime this weekend we'll try and get up some more photos we took of the kids out on the lawn with us, it was pretty cool.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Month of May

This has been an incredibly busy month for everyone around here. We finally put the house in order and listed it with an agent, so the house is now on the market. That in and of itself has been a monumental task to complete with the triplets since it's been almost entirely by ourselves. Thought we did have some friends and family contribute more than we can ever repay them. In addition to this, we've been keeping the house in tip top condition as we get appointments to show the house to the various people who are interested. Lots of work right there even without a pack of wild babies.

This month has also seen us spending lots of time with our relatives, both far and not quite near. We recently took the babies out to Ohio to see their Grandma Muriel. We discovered that Ryan isn't always a nice baby to travel with. We left during the middle of the day and he proceeded to cry for about 5 of the 7 hours it took to get there. The last two of which I spent with my finger in his mouth to give him something to chew on and to lessen the sound of his bawling. Big surprise that we left near his bedtime to come home!

As you can see above, we've started feeding the babies out of their high chairs. We started out with a mixed set of three different chairs, but one of them broke while Sarah was in it and she ended up falling completely out of the thing, so out and bought a set of matching chairs from a triplet family that was done with theirs. The kids are so tiny in them, especially when they slouch down.......half the time I feel like I'm feeding Kilroy. All being told though, they are adapting to the new feeding style and I think they are enjoying themselves, which you can see from the second picture there of Sarah and Perrin.

Speaking of high chairs brings us to eating, and we can't talking about eating without mentioning Sarah! As you can see above, nothing is safe from here. It doesn't matter if she can actually eat it or not, but as soon as she sees Meva or myself eating something, she often races over to us looking like a resident of a Hooverville in need of a handout. You can see Sarah sharing Meva's potato chips and french onion dip. The other thing about Sarah is that she's not too particular with who she eats with. You can see her trying to share the remnants of a meal with Gus. He's used to it because given any chance she'll make a play for his food dish as soon an opening appears.

Meva and I both really wish that we could post more updates. I'm always surprised to hear how many people stop by and read this consistently. In fact, if it wasn't for dear old Louise at the Paradise Valley Police Department impatiently nagging my sister Teri about our lack of updates, I probably wouldn't have even gotten to this today. But she's a big fan, so how can I not take sometime out for our fans and give them what they ask for. So everyone who knows Louise, and even those of us who don't, lets give her special recognition for being such a strong supporter over the past year! That however does bring us to the end of this update, so for Louise and everyone else out there, let me leave you with a wonderful image of my daughter as we bring this to the end!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Professor Perrin Kennedy, Doctor of Babyology

Last week Perrin had another follow-up visit with his eye doctor, Dr. Ticho. In case you forgot, Perrin has a bit of a "floating eye" that crosses from time to time. Although my niece Amanda seems to think he is a mutant and will eventually go all X-Men on us as a result of this (although it would be cool if he turned into Cyclops with the whole heat vision thing!), this isn't a big deal at all. It's actually very common in premature babies and babies with hydrocephalus. He also has the fact that his father had crossed eyes as a child and needed surgery to correct them. I don't even wear glasses anymore, so even if he needed surgery, it wouldn't be a big deal.

As you can see here in the photo above, he is now sporting a cool pair of specs! Dr. Ticho says that he is a bit far-sighted and a bit lazy with focusing his left eye. The glasses should help to correct this over time---the tricky part will be in keeping him from taking them off. The secret is to keep him distracted so that he isn't thinking of them on his face. We've been home an hour and I've had them on him for most of that time, ironically the only time he was pulling at them was when I was holding him. He's been playing on the floor on his own for 20 minutes now and hasn't made one move for them. I hope this is a sign that this won't be an issue. As long as we can keep paper off of them, he shouldn't try to grab it I guess. (Perrin will find any paper anywhere and immediately put it in his mouth........doesn't matter what kind of paper it is, he will put it in his mouth)

As soon as I saw him with these on during his fitting, I immediately though of him as a professor, hence the name in the title. The second photo was taken when I startled him about to begin studying for his next lecture. We've often known that he was extremely smart, almost a genius, but we never knew the secret to his vast intelligence. Here in this last picture you can see Perrin demonstrating how he became so smart. His philosophy is that you "are what you eat," so he has become a ferocious reader, devouring all knowledge he comes in contact with. I guess this explains why he's always been attracted to eating paper........he was just after what's printed on it. Who knew?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fangs For Coming Back

Sorry it's been so long since the last update here. We've been very busy with sick kids, buying and selling a house, and making a trip to Ohio to see the grandparents. I know I promised a big announcement last time, but I think I'll let the pictures do most of the talking!


In case you're having trouble making out those photos, those are teeth! Let me tell you that it is no easy feet to get those photos. Not one of the kids thought it would be nice to cooperate and sit still either. I must have gone through about 75 shots just to get those three.

The kids are still moving around all over the place, and one of their favorite places to play is right under my desk. Often as I am typing or working at the computer I will have one or more babies underneath me playing and tugging at my shoelaces. Meva was lucky enough to have cought them in action.

Despite the hectic pace of our life, we have managed to rise above all the chais and spend some quality moments together and share in some good times and laughs. I have to say it's pretty easy when we've got such good-natured and well behaved babies. Although Sarah has been acting more and more like a bully and was the first baby to ever receive a spanking from daddy the other day. Now that she has that one tooth, she's a real threat. I caught her on top of Ryan just biting away and not letting up. The poor little guy just layed there and took it........crying all the time of course since he doesn't normally get bitten. Sarah received two quick but well placed swats on the diaper padded behind. Judging from the terrible noise she made, you'd think I would have broken her! It took quite a bit of hugging and kissing to console her afterwards.

Time is short right now as we have an open house scheduled for this Sunday and there is still quite a bit of work for us to complete before then. I'll try and update this again in a few days, but I'm not promising anything just yet. Although I'm sure there will be even more big news with the next update (hint hint). In the meantime, here's a nice picture of the four of us hanging out together in my recliner and having a good time. Remember, double click on any picture to see a larger version of it.