Friday, May 25, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I'm not too sure exactly what's been going on here, but the photos in the last post have vanished on two separate ocassions. Each time it's happened I've gone back and corrected the problem by reinserting the photos. As of this writing and post, they should be back up now.

I don't want to let this opportunity go by without posting a few new pictures for the holiday weekend. This one to the left is one I believe that Meva took of the babies waiting for me to come home from work on the weekend. I guess it's pretty sad when Meva and I are taking so many pictures that I can't remember who shot which one. Regardless of who shot this photo, the babies were standing and waiting for one of us to come home through the door. They are sitting on our loveseat and looking out the picture window. I have selfishly titled this picture, Where's Daddy? Remember, double click on it if you'd like to see a bigger version of this picture. (It should make it easier to see also.)

This other picture here on the right is of just Sarah and Ryan from behind. Pay particular attention to Ryan's little butt. No, he didn't have an "accident," at least not in the traditional sense. This is a something Meva and I call "Milkbutt." Milkbutt happens when the babies are drinking from their podee and for whatever reason, they decide to just play around with the nipple end and eventually come to sit on it, forcing the milk inside to leak. With only one place to go, the event actually self names. Of the three of them, Perrin is the worst offender of self-milkbutting. He often plays with his podee while he should be eating and then spends the next hour or so crawling around with a wet tushy. From time to time it happens to Ryan, and Sarah--------- well let's just say that she takes her eating seriously! In fact, if she gets a chance she will go around and finish whatever is left over in her brother's bottles if I don't get the podees picked up in enough time.

This last picture is an old one, but I think it needs to be shared any way because it makes his mommy happy. Meva is right in that we don't have as many photos of Ryan. The simple fact of the matter is that he won't sit still well for pictures. He smiles and laughs just like any baby, but once it's time to take a photo, he clams up and just stares into the camera like a sad little thing. We've cuaght some pictures of him smiling, but they are rare indeed. This is him eating and wearing my Bears hat. I know that all the kids are much more comfortable with me than anyone else since they see me the most, but I think they all go a step further in their fascination with my things. They don't go after Meva's shoes, or her pants, or anything like that. Same thing holds true with my baseball caps. Currently they like to chew on the brims of the hat, but they've always just like to play with them even when they weren't teething. This particular day in Feburary Ryan was just really digging my hat, so I let him wear it. I personally can't wait until next year when I can actually start buying them little youth baseball hats! It will be great.

That's it for now. If you notice anything weird about the photos on this post and the last one, please send me an email by clicking this link EL CONQUISTADOR. Sometime this weekend we'll try and get up some more photos we took of the kids out on the lawn with us, it was pretty cool.

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