Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Fine Mess

Just got this e-mail from Chuck, and I thought I'd share...


Just thought I’d share a few things with you. The first is that I plan to shampoo the rugs this weekend, most likely Saturday night. The second is that Ryan decided it was more comfortable to sit all the way against the potty and then bounce up and down like he was riding a horse!!! Third, there are wires running from the back of the training potty to the front and they are very easy to get wet, so in the future you need to be aware of that if you ever have to go back there.

Yeah, what you’re thinking right now, that’s what happened!!!

Of course Ryan being the uptight little guy that he is, wasn’t happy about crapping all over the back of the potty. So he immediately started freaking out and yelling about the poop. He then stood up and walked around a bit before plopping onto the floor. Did I mention poop? At this point it was all over the potty, Ryan’s lower body, and now the carpeting that I just spot washed last night because of Fudd pooping. Somehow Ryan then got it all over his hand, which caused even more cries and whines, this time to the sound of “Mess” and “Mess Daddy” and “hand messy.” So as I tried to take off his shirt (which also got poop-sided in the initial run from the potty) he either fought me or tried to help me (I can never tell for sure what his motivation is when he does this) and proceeded to get it on his stomach and chest and my hands and arms.

We never made it to the store before nap time, Ryan got two pieces of candy because he did poop after all, and I had to take the potty into the tub and give it a shower, much to the delight of the children.

I’m not going to ask or wish it, but I will tell you to enjoy the fact that your day is better than mine!!

LOL……..we asked for kids right????


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Milk table smackdown

I got this e-mail today from Chuck.


Dinner tonight will consist of chicken stir-fry. If you want anything beyond that, you’re on your own! The kids just pretty much turned on me at about 11:30---- it was all fighting, all crying, all meltdown special here at the triplet ranch and at one point Sarah’s sippy cup that still had Milk in it had the rubber insert come loose. Milk was everywhere!! She started spilling/pouring it all over and before I could figure out what was actually happening, she did it to Ryan. This was worse than a crying thing in the bathtub because it was Milk and it WAS a mess. He tried to use his words to tell her to stop it, in between cries of anger, but she refused to listen and did it again. Next thing I know (and I got to see this all in slow motion as (was trying to get there before this happened) Sarah got pushed off her feet and on to the kids little table on her back. This caused her to kick and Ryan then went ……… well you’ve seen it........all Hulk and he ripped Sarah’s pig hat off and pulled her hair until she fell off the table. That caused the sippy cup to go flying into the wall and it then opened and the milk was all over the floor I got to them at this point and got everything stopped, cleaned up, and then put to bed.

I tell you this because it’s kind of funny and as a result of what I am calling the great Milk Table Attack, they are in need of a bath today. I am waiting for you to come home tonight so you can help me as I get them into the tub.

Here’s to hoping that the naps are a help!!!