Monday, September 22, 2008

E-mails from home

Every now and then Chuck sends me an e-mail that paints a picture as to how things have been when I am at work for 14 hours on Mondays. This was just such a day.


Here’s a little math for you to explain what you’re coming home to:

[(3 toddlers x 1 dog x diarrhea) + (3 loads of baby clothes x 2 rounds of baby baths x 2 crib bedding changes) + (1 tent x 1 snake x 1 snake bite) + (100 mosquito bites x 1 wasp sting) + house chores/ zero patience] + 1 sore back = ordering pizza for dinner!!!!!

I’m going to have you pick it up at Aurelio’s in Lockport. It’s in the Jewel shopping center near Quiznos.

I sincerely hope you haven’t had half the day I did!


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ellie and Maggie

I can't believe how behind we are in getting info posted. I think it was about a month ago, our good friends the Shively's came to visit. Little Ellie is also two and such a sweet kid. Her verbal skills are just amazing, and I think she inspired a little verbal spark in our kids. Little Maggie is 6 months old, and was fascinating to our kids, especially Ryan.

Ryan LOVES babies. He spent a lot of time cooing and holding and attending to Ms. Maggie. You can see in this picture, just how seriously he took his responsibility, and ever since then he's been into baby dolls a lot more.

We all took a trip to the Children's Museum and wet and wild fun was had by all.


Last weekend we went for our first overnight camping trip. We didn't go far. Just a local forest preserve about 5 miles away. We figured, that way if things weren't going well, we could pack it up pretty easily. To the left is Sarah, who is taking better pictures now that she can say the word, "cheese".

Here is Perrin peaking out of the tent's vent. Peak a boo is still a ton of fun with these guys.

The kids had such a great time, and were real good campers. Evidently, no one knows you can camp at this forest preserve because we had the entire place to ourselves. So, we let the dog roam free, and the kids really enjoyed themselves. They liked eating their little half sized s'mores. They loved running around with the balls we brought. We sang little bunny foo foo and their favorite songs around the campfire, which I was please to see they respected by saying, "Hot." every time they came near it.

We kind of did this by the seat of our pants, and so packed for the warm 90+ degree weather the next day... not being prepared for the 60 something degree weather in the morning. So, the kids just wore their footy pajamas with tennis shoes over them.

They ended up looking so cute going on their first hike in their PJs.

They came to a bridge, and loved the sound it made by stomping on it.

Here's a hollowed out tree that was very interesting and scary. It took a lot of attempts to just get them to put their hand near it but once mastered, you can see Perrin had no fear.