Monday, September 22, 2008

E-mails from home

Every now and then Chuck sends me an e-mail that paints a picture as to how things have been when I am at work for 14 hours on Mondays. This was just such a day.


Here’s a little math for you to explain what you’re coming home to:

[(3 toddlers x 1 dog x diarrhea) + (3 loads of baby clothes x 2 rounds of baby baths x 2 crib bedding changes) + (1 tent x 1 snake x 1 snake bite) + (100 mosquito bites x 1 wasp sting) + house chores/ zero patience] + 1 sore back = ordering pizza for dinner!!!!!

I’m going to have you pick it up at Aurelio’s in Lockport. It’s in the Jewel shopping center near Quiznos.

I sincerely hope you haven’t had half the day I did!


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