Friday, October 31, 2008

Long Overdue

Since Meva has said I am the one who needs to update and post on this blog, I will take the author's liberty and blame her for the lengthy delay in posting!!

I can't believe how long its been, and how much we've been up to, since our last post. The kids have gotten to meet their new cousin, go to Grandma and Grandpa's House, Have Grandma come visit them, go to the pumpkin farm, and even the zoo. And those are just what I have pictures from.

I know everyone's here for pictures of the kids and not to hear me mumbling away, so let's get right to the photos.

The kids have shown enough interest that we've begun the early stages of toilet training. So far Sarah is the only one who has really gone (#2), but Ryan sorta did one, but it was hit and miss (mostly miss).

My niece Ashley had a baby girl named Sylvia in September. After she was home a few days, we went down to meet her. Sarah wasn't too interested, but the boys were (as was their Daddy). Perrin thought she was one of his "babies" and just wanted to kiss her (and he even spanked her once! That was embarrassing and forced me to change some of the "pretend parenting" games the kids play with their toys).

Ryan absolutely Loved Sylvia and just wanted to hold her and kiss her. He was very gentle and very cute about the entire thing. He cried when he had to stop.

Let's hope Perrin develops a little more fashion sense in the next few years. That whole gloveon one hand thing is sooooooooo 80's!

We then took the kids to Ohio for the weekend. I had a comic book convention I wanted to go to and Meva and the kids hung out with her parents. Grandpa thought it was time to give his grandkids a ride in the tractor!!

Grandpa then told them that apples actually grow on trees and that they were going to go looking for some.

Each kid got to pull their own apple off the tree and have a fresh snack! Grandma says the only thing better than fresh Ohio apples is eating fresh Ohio apples dressed in Ohio State outfits!

Perrin says that sometimes his mommy takes too many !@#*(&% pictures and won't let them be! Can't a kid just eat his apple?

Perrin got upset when she wouldn't stop and warned her that he would eat the camera if she didn't leave him alone.

Ryan thought that was funny and he said he would eat the camera too!! And we're not sure how it happened, but Sarah got out of the tractor and left her legs and feet behind.

Well it is Halloween, so that means we need to get our candy ready and our costumes because as soon as Meva comes home, it's Trick or Treat Time. And yes, I promise to have costume pictures up tonight!!

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