Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

We're finally back from a very successful candy haul. We really did not go to many houses, maybe 15 total, but the kids got more candy tonight than Meva and I have ever gotten for them before. If only the economy was doing as well as my kid's candy sugar fortunes!

The kids were very excited about getting their costumes on. They'd all worn them at least once before and tried them on in addition to that, so they were very familiar with what they were. The boys were especially excited to get dressed up and if it weren't for the promise of candy afterwards, they would have thrown a bit of a fit I'm sure.

The warmer than usual weather was nice, especially with the kids all having head colds. We once again received more looks and comments about the train than anything else. I guess I'm going to have to get used to that, I just never thought it was that uncommon.

The kids enjoyed getting in their train and being pulled to each house so that they could get out and walk to the door. I'm very proud of them for saying "Thank You" as much as they did, many times without prompting. Overall though, they were very confused about the whole "Trick or Treat" process. Ryan wouldn't open his bag for anyone unless I held both of his hands, instead he just took the candy from their hands directly and either said Thank You or just Goodbye! Sarah and Perrin just didn't seem to understand what was going on, but they knew they were getting good things to eat. Ryan kept saying "Papa," thinking he was going to see his grandpa everywhere.

Well that's enough of my yammering, here are the pics! Remember to double click on them to see a larger version with more detail.

Look in the back of the train, it's Bat Ryan! He was usually first to the door and would yell "Open" much of the time before the door was answered.

Next as our Supergirl Sarah. She's too young for a Wonder Woman Bustier, so she went with this super alternative. Along the way she tripped on some Kryptonite and cried for a bit, but otherwise she was a trooper.

Perrin was the worlds happiest superhero dressed up as the Flash. He absolutely loves this costume. I really thought he'd have a problem wearing the mask, but he loves it!

I dubbed the train The Justice League Express during our Halloween trick-or-treating. This was one of our first stops.

I would supply the muscle and pull the train while Mommie often took the kids to the door for their treats. They especially liked the fact that their bags had pumpkins on them (They can't easily say Jack-O-Lantern yet, so every gourd is a pumpkin)

Here the kids are holding up their favorite treats from the night. Ryan has a sucker, Perrin has a candybar, and Sarah has a stick and a leaf. Yeah, that's ones trouble for sure!

Here is most of their haul from Trick-Or-Treating. By the last houses they were having trouble holding their bags due to the weight of what was inside. This should hopefully last until the New Year. Too bad it's not accpetable to give out fruit any more.

One of the houses in our subdivision goes all out every year with their Halloween decorations. There is no way to possibly get everything into one picture, but the kids were excited to see all the pumpkins lit up and hanging from trees and all over the lawn. Meva and I think this will be the last year they won't be scared of the display. Next year should be pretty interesting.

Here's the middle of his front yard. If you click the photo to enlarge it, you'll see he has almost 20 small kid figures who have jack-o-lanterns for heads standing in some kind of witching circle. Behind them is a cauldren with a fog machine in it to add to the mood.

This is a shot from the house's driveway. I think you can see the cauldren here. This house has so much all over the roof, trees, and side. He even has a small museum like room in front of the house that you can look at from the inside.

One of first things they got to eat were M & M's. They kept expecting to find a different letter on the candy and they called out the color of each piece before they put it in their mouth. Meva was in charge of feeding them this while I made dinner. She said they ate about 5 little bags of them together in addition to 4 or 5 candy bars each and some other assorted stuff. They may never sleep again.

Bat Ryan enjoys his chocolate, even while hiding in the shadows.

All the kids wore a onsie under their costume even though it was warm. When we took Sarah's off, she looked like a Mexican Le Libre wrestler in her red onsie and Supergirl boots!

If Halloween is any indication of how they are so much older and aware of things, Christmas is going to be a month of fun.............and stress!!

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Michelle said...

great pics! love the telling of how they are when going thru their first trick or treats.

it's pretty cute!