Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Month of May

This has been an incredibly busy month for everyone around here. We finally put the house in order and listed it with an agent, so the house is now on the market. That in and of itself has been a monumental task to complete with the triplets since it's been almost entirely by ourselves. Thought we did have some friends and family contribute more than we can ever repay them. In addition to this, we've been keeping the house in tip top condition as we get appointments to show the house to the various people who are interested. Lots of work right there even without a pack of wild babies.

This month has also seen us spending lots of time with our relatives, both far and not quite near. We recently took the babies out to Ohio to see their Grandma Muriel. We discovered that Ryan isn't always a nice baby to travel with. We left during the middle of the day and he proceeded to cry for about 5 of the 7 hours it took to get there. The last two of which I spent with my finger in his mouth to give him something to chew on and to lessen the sound of his bawling. Big surprise that we left near his bedtime to come home!

As you can see above, we've started feeding the babies out of their high chairs. We started out with a mixed set of three different chairs, but one of them broke while Sarah was in it and she ended up falling completely out of the thing, so out and bought a set of matching chairs from a triplet family that was done with theirs. The kids are so tiny in them, especially when they slouch down.......half the time I feel like I'm feeding Kilroy. All being told though, they are adapting to the new feeding style and I think they are enjoying themselves, which you can see from the second picture there of Sarah and Perrin.

Speaking of high chairs brings us to eating, and we can't talking about eating without mentioning Sarah! As you can see above, nothing is safe from here. It doesn't matter if she can actually eat it or not, but as soon as she sees Meva or myself eating something, she often races over to us looking like a resident of a Hooverville in need of a handout. You can see Sarah sharing Meva's potato chips and french onion dip. The other thing about Sarah is that she's not too particular with who she eats with. You can see her trying to share the remnants of a meal with Gus. He's used to it because given any chance she'll make a play for his food dish as soon an opening appears.

Meva and I both really wish that we could post more updates. I'm always surprised to hear how many people stop by and read this consistently. In fact, if it wasn't for dear old Louise at the Paradise Valley Police Department impatiently nagging my sister Teri about our lack of updates, I probably wouldn't have even gotten to this today. But she's a big fan, so how can I not take sometime out for our fans and give them what they ask for. So everyone who knows Louise, and even those of us who don't, lets give her special recognition for being such a strong supporter over the past year! That however does bring us to the end of this update, so for Louise and everyone else out there, let me leave you with a wonderful image of my daughter as we bring this to the end!

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