Monday, May 07, 2007

Professor Perrin Kennedy, Doctor of Babyology

Last week Perrin had another follow-up visit with his eye doctor, Dr. Ticho. In case you forgot, Perrin has a bit of a "floating eye" that crosses from time to time. Although my niece Amanda seems to think he is a mutant and will eventually go all X-Men on us as a result of this (although it would be cool if he turned into Cyclops with the whole heat vision thing!), this isn't a big deal at all. It's actually very common in premature babies and babies with hydrocephalus. He also has the fact that his father had crossed eyes as a child and needed surgery to correct them. I don't even wear glasses anymore, so even if he needed surgery, it wouldn't be a big deal.

As you can see here in the photo above, he is now sporting a cool pair of specs! Dr. Ticho says that he is a bit far-sighted and a bit lazy with focusing his left eye. The glasses should help to correct this over time---the tricky part will be in keeping him from taking them off. The secret is to keep him distracted so that he isn't thinking of them on his face. We've been home an hour and I've had them on him for most of that time, ironically the only time he was pulling at them was when I was holding him. He's been playing on the floor on his own for 20 minutes now and hasn't made one move for them. I hope this is a sign that this won't be an issue. As long as we can keep paper off of them, he shouldn't try to grab it I guess. (Perrin will find any paper anywhere and immediately put it in his mouth........doesn't matter what kind of paper it is, he will put it in his mouth)

As soon as I saw him with these on during his fitting, I immediately though of him as a professor, hence the name in the title. The second photo was taken when I startled him about to begin studying for his next lecture. We've often known that he was extremely smart, almost a genius, but we never knew the secret to his vast intelligence. Here in this last picture you can see Perrin demonstrating how he became so smart. His philosophy is that you "are what you eat," so he has become a ferocious reader, devouring all knowledge he comes in contact with. I guess this explains why he's always been attracted to eating paper........he was just after what's printed on it. Who knew?

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Anonymous said...

That baby needs a tweed jacket with velour elbow patches. :-)