Monday, June 04, 2007


May has passed and the triplets are fast approaching their first birthday at the end of the month. The way things have been working out for us of late, we'll be forced to have two separate parties for them in Ohio and then in Illinois. Meva and I will be finalizing the details of how this will all work out in the next few days and then we'll let everyone else know. It's most likely to be a very low-key event with friends and family (sorry strangers) coming to watch the kids eat their first chocolate cake.

I wanted to take a brief minute to share a few photos of the kids that we took of them outside one late afternoon. Although the weather was perfect and the timing was great for Meva and I to be home together to do this, the kids were definitely not in very photographic moods. The first one is Perrin lounging in the grass and doing something different.......not freaking out! He's not a big fan of the grass, and just days before we took this picture he would cry when I put him on the grass. He keeps getting better with it though and by the end of this photo shoot, he was pretty good about things as long as his brother and sister were there with him.

If you've visited the blog more than a few times, it should be apparent that neither Meva nor I will ever be confused with Ansel Adams, and this day was no exception. We took the pictures on a very clear and sunny afternoon, so there were plenty of shadows and light for us to fight. The picture above shows our brilliant solution to blocking the sun from the kids eyes; that was to have daddy put his big butt in front of the sun! The picture above to the left is one of the few we got that didn't look too bad and showed most of the kids faces, although by this time they had gotten into the habit of staring downward. Despite that, I think it's a pretty cool picture of the kids all dressed up with the sunlight behind them.

I'm sure there will be a few people out there who are thinking "Why don't you just turn the kids around so the suns not in their eyes?" That's almost a great idea. I say almost because the picture at the right shows exactly what happens in that situation when the photographers aren't very skilled and their equipment isn't that advanced. We all had a good time anyways, although I think that Meva put out more effort than any of us trying to get some adorable pictures. As the sun was setting though, the babies got a bit hungry and cranky and it was time for some high chair training and a nice late lunch with mom. You can see her to the right with the kids all lined up in their new high chairs eating away and having fun with mom.

In general our days are pretty demanding and taxing. Sometimes I think I'll never have the energy to make it through the next day as I collapse once the kids are asleep and in bed. You can see from the picture on the left here that I am not alone in this feeling. Poor Meva and the kids had a tough, full day of playing, pictures, singing, baths, and meals in their high chairs. All that was left was a night time bottle and then a good nights sleep. As I was getting everything ready for the night, it came to an unsuspecting end as I had to tuck FOUR people into their beds. I really think that is the sign of a great day together! I can't wait until we move and we get more of these to spend as a family.

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