Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Honeycomb Kids

The babies have been progressing along very nicely and they're starting to reach plateaus that mean they are growing up all so fast. The latest change is feeding themselves. For the most part its been dry cereal, such as Rice Chex and Honeycomb. Personally I prefer the Honeycombs because of there size (big, but not too big) and when they eat it it doesn't shatter apart like the Rice Chex do. Like the picture to the right, I've gotten into a habit of having the kids start off the morning eating on their own in the high chairs followed by a nice change of clothes and then a morning libation of Whole Milk.

Each of the kids have their own styles of eating too! Sarah is the most advanced and usually she takes them one at a time and eats them very focused. Messy, but still focused. Ryan grabs them by the handful and brings as many of them up to his mouth at once hoping that some of them will make it into his mouth, but about 80% seem to fall back onto the tray. My favorite of the three though is Perrin. He's somewhere between Sarah and Ryan in technique, but he has to be monitored closely. He has yet to learn what it means for his mouth to be full! He will keep shoveling cereal into his mouth until there is no more left on the tray! He gets so much in there that he can't even chew them..........makes me wish he could understand what I tell him so I could ask him to whistle for me.

All in all its a very fun new stage for all of us. As you can imagine, and see from the photos of the kids, we have a lot of fun while this is happening. Usually we sing a lot of songs and play games. Their absolute favorite is watching me sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to them. Their eyes all light up and they smile real big.............and then reach back down to their trays and pick up what's just rolled out of their mouths. They are also getting into Nursery Rhymes and singing "Little Bunny Foo Foo." I'd like to do that song more often, but with my bum hand, it hurts when I "pop em on the head."

It's kind of hard to believe, but in less than two weeks they will be 1 year old, my how the time really has flown by. I think about it all the time, especially how small they were at first. They were so tiny, and now they seem like giants! Loud, mobile, destructive giants that demand attention from me at all times!! Am I sick that I love it all?

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Popadowski said...

Hi Chuck & Meva, the kiddies are so cute! Wow, they're almost a year old already......I continue to be inspired and in awe of your committment to sharing your experiences with the kiddos with us! Keep up the excellent work! The trips are lucky to have you guys for parents!