Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Walk In The Park

Recently my aunt Linda came over to visit the babies. It's always great to see her and I enjoy having the kids get to spend time and take picture with relatives so that they're used to seeing different people. She arrived just as they were finishing up their bottles and we decided to head over to the park that is just a few blocks away. It's the same park we've been to before, so it wasn't anything the kids haven't seen or done before. It was a very windy and sunny day when we went. I think we were gone a total of 35 minutes, but the wind and the sun took their toll on the kids. When I put Ryan in the swing he was flailing his arms and swinging his head from side to side as though he was in a fight. I finally put my hat over his head while he swang. Not only did he like this, he darn near fell asleep swinging in the swing! It's a great picture because he looks like an Icabod Crane in training.

Since this particular park only has two infant swings, it actually can get a bit boring with one baby having to sit out and watch the other two. The playground surface really isn't designed for little babies, as it's a heavy grade of mulch. Just looking at it I instantly know that if I were to set any of my children down there, the mulch would be immediately in their mouths! Instead of just doing the same old thing of watching the babies on the swing for a bit, we decided to take them to the other parts of the playground that they can't really make use of yet because they are so small and uncoordinated. I was pretty much expecting it to be something like, "Hey, look at this kid. You're too small for it." Instead we did find something that they could use a bit with some careful support and monitoring.

You can see Perrin sitting in his own little car (The glasses come off when we go's hard enough to find where he or Sarah take them off at in the house.). This is a little metal car with a seat and a wheel sitting on one of those giant springs that allows kids to bounce and move back and forth. Perrin wasn't that enamored with this, but he did enjoy sitting on it a bit and looking around. Ryan on the other hand is continuing to become more and more of a ham. He simply loved it the moment we put him on it. As soon as Linda put him on the seat, he instantly grabbed the wheel and was off on his own little adventure! He was bouncing up and down and laughing and giggling very loudly. He was totally at home on this thing, balancing himself perfectly, although Linda is close by, I wonder how long he could have went before falling or losing interest? To think that he's the one who crawls and stands the least, yet he totally dominated this ride! I think it just proves my statement all along that the little guy is just stubborn and lazy, once he's motivated or interested, he can do anything he wants.

Sarah enjoyed the day out on the car too. I had dressed her in one of Meva's favorite outfits for her, a nice little yellow sundress that she has just about destroyed. It's a bit long and goes past her knees, which really hampers her ability to crawl around. My little girl just soldiers through it, inventing a one legged crawl and just about ripping the skirt off the dress, she's going to be a very dangerous Tomboy I can tell! Her time in the little car was similar to Ryan, but in a much more dignified tone. I guess even though I think she'll be a tomboy, she'll always have room to be my little lady and conduct her self in a proper manner------- at least until she breaks wind! That little girl sounds like a motor boat going through the house when she lets them rip! But anyways, you can see her smiling and loving it.

Afterwards we walked back to the house and the kids were ready for a quick bottle and a nap. The entire trip with all the wind and sun really took a lot out of them and the slept really hard for 4 hours afterwards; even Ryan was out for most of it. Remember, if you want to see a bigger picture, just click on the image and you'll get a new window to open up and see it in.

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Collins said...

That picture of Ryan with the hat on had me stitches. He looks totally headless and it's a riot!