Friday, July 06, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Hello Everyone!! This is Sarah. My daddy has been real busy lately getting our house clean and ready for people to look at it. I don't know why that happens, but it seems pretty important and daddy is always cleaning up after us. He said that since I'm now a big girl at 1 yr old, I could talk to everyone here on our website.

This has been the busiest week of my entire life. We went to Ohio to see my mommy's family and have a birthday party! When we came home, we went to the doctor and poor daddy has just been cleaning and putting all our new stuff in it's own place. Daddy said he would talk more later, but for now I could show you some pictures since I'm not very good with words. So, here's our little trip:

This Is Us At Grandma's House Eating Before Our Party

We Didn't Know It, But Mommy & Daddy Made Us Each Our Own Cake!

We All Had Birthday Hats! Here Is Ryan's.

Perrin Wanted To Eat His Hat.

I HATED My Hat! Daddy Came To My Rescue And Took It Off Quickly.

This Is Us Seeing Them Bring Us Our Own Cake

Ryan Eating His Cake

Me Eating My Cake

This Is Perrin Saying He's Had Enough Cake. They Should Have Listened.

Perrin Had To Take A Bath With Mommy Because He Got All Pukey!

Ryan Kept Eating His Cake.

So Did I. I LOVE Chocolate Cake.

I REALLY Love Chocolate Cake! I Bet You Wish You Had Some Right Now!

Even If I Could Use A Fork, I Would Still Get This Messy.

Anyone Want A Chocolate Kiss From Me?

Mommy Just Told Me We're Going To Do This Again Next Week!

This Is The Cakes After We Were Done. Daddy Said He Thought We'd Eat More.

We Cleaned Up Next To Open Presents, Isn't Ryan Just So Cute.

Even Perrin Cleaned Up Very Nicely. He's Another Cutey.

We Finally Got To Meet Our Aunt Virginia, She's There With Auntie Pooh.

Daddy Tried To Get Me To Ride A Truck. I Cried Again.

Ryan Liked Riding The Truck. He Said I was Being A Baby.

Perrin Wanted To Ride the Bike. Don't Tell Him Pink Is For Girls Though, He'll Get Mad At Mommy.

Ryan Spent Time With Grandma Muriel.

So Did Perrin, They Read A Book Together.

Grandpa Fred And I Took A Nap And I Had A Bottle.

Then It Was Time For Swimming With Mommy & Daddy. See Our Cute Suits.

This Is Ryan And Auntie Kelly. He's So Cool In His Pool Shades.

I've Also Got A Cool Pair Of Shades For The Pool, And A Bottle Of Course!

On The Way Home, Daddy Got Tired, So I Drove.

I really liked our birthday party. Is it true you get a cake every year on your birthday? I think I just fell in love with birthdays!! Daddy said he'll update with more info later, but I have to go now because he said I need to take a nap. I would fight him on this, but I do get a bottle. Anything that leads to me getting some food can't be all bad can it? Thanks For Visiting! Double Click on ANY Picture to See a Bigger Photo!

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