Monday, June 04, 2007

A Real Update

Lately my updates have focused almost solely on pictures of the kids and very little information on what they're up to. Let me do my best to fill in this gap.

For starters, no one is walking yet, but we expect it to be happening soon. Sarah is of course leading the pack. She's standing up on her own and threatening to climb on anything that is less than 21 inches from the floor. At this point she is routinely grabbing items from the sofa, love seat, or desks. Just last night she stood up next to the wall and grabbed a hold of the drapes and attempted to pull them down on her (it wouldn't take much effort for her to do that). She often works in cohorts with Ryan, pulling things off of desks and tables and handing them to him to crunch and destroy.

Perrin is just a step or two behind Sarah. He often climbs up on items and just hangs out, transitioning from one item to the other all on his own. I think he does this better than Sarah, but it's really hard to judge. Form-wise he is the best crawler of the three, but Sarah is still quicker. I think that's because she's in trouble more often and crawling away from the scene of the crime. Perrin still doesn't care much for sitting (if you really force him he will--but he will cry about it often) but he will lay on his belly with the best of them.

Our little Ryan is still adorable, but I still think he is lazy. Well, lazy and a bit timid. When his mind is right, he can crawl very fast, but it's an army crawl. He hardly ever stands on his own, and when Meva or I assist him in doing that you can see how nervous and scared he is of falling. He's also not very steady or balanced. I think this is because his muscles are still a bit too big for him to control. But Meva and I also see him being a bit lazy. He will defiantly refuse to crawl if he thinks there is a chance one of us will come to him........and he thinks we should always come to him! It's my prediction that once the other two have started walking he will feel left out and quickly catch up with the other two. It's either that or we get him a rickshaw.

As you can already tell from the pictures above, the babies are now taking baths on their own in the tub together. As usual, Ryan isn't too sure if it's safe. He's not a very big fan of this at all. The first time Meva did this he cried for most of it because he was afraid. It didn't help that his sister, Aqua-Sarah, swims and splashes all over and will knock him down if he gets in her way. The second time Meva did this she put Sarah and Periin in first to play and had Ryan sit in a chair outside of the tub and watch them enjoying themselves. After awhile he was ready on his own and wanted to get in there with them. He was still a bit unsteady, but he was actually having a good time and splashing away with the other two. You can see in the picture above he's smiling and having a good time.

I'll close this out with another little update about Ryan. He's been doing a better job of sleeping through the night, but most of that is due to Mommy and Daddy ignoring his little outbursts and shutting off the baby monitor for a time. He recently picked a night to be completely inconsolable when both Meva and I had migraines and had taken some strong medication at bed time. Instead of fighting him and or ignoring him, I just went and got him so he could sleep next to me as that normally does the trick. No such luck here. He was hungry, playful, and then cranky again. If I even flinched, he was awake and yelling at me. Meva had to hold him when I woke to use the bathroom. Turns out the little guy had his first top tooth break through that night, so he's now sporting three little fangs. By the next morning he was back to his regular crabby self.........the Ryan we all love and enjoy so much!!

Remember to double click on a picture to see a bigger image of it on a new page. The babies also want to say hello to their friends in Arizona in Paradise Valley who eagerly watch and read of their exploits, with a special shout out to Louise!

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