Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Trip To Oz

October was a very busy month and it came and went before we even realized it was here. I had reconstructive surgery on my hand, my mother spent a weekend on life support, Sarah got stitches in her face, we went to a pumpkin farm, and of course we finished with our first official Trick or Treating! I'm no fool though, no one's coming here to listen to me prattle on, you all just want some pictures of the triplets! Well, I aim to please, so let's get started:

Perrin has started to like wearing daddy's hats!! He'll actually wear them for a minute or two as he crawls away into the land of toys.

Lately when we try to take her picture she always tries to touch the lens, but Sarah wants everyone to know that she's #1!!

Of course, that also meant she was the first baby to get stitches! She got these from getting bitten by our dog Gus. We didn't see exactly what happened, but got ended up biting her in the face. Gus is on his way out as a result---anyone want a dog??

I wonder what was in that last bottle?

Then we all went to the pumpkin farm and got to see a bunch of neat things. Everyone sat on a tractor, but it's hard to see real well because we forgot our regular camera and had to buy a disposable camera instead. Here's Perrin on the tractor.

And here's Ryan

And the baby girl farmer!

We also saw some goats, one of them was named Fred. Sarah thought they were funny.

Ryan thought they were too.

Perrin, well he wasn't so happy.

Little Fudd liked the pumpkins much better!

Sarah, Ryan, and I even crawled around in the pumpkin patch too!

The triplets really enjoyed the pumpkins.

But eventually we had to go, so it was over the bridge and home for us.

That's it for today. My hand is starting to really hurt, so I'll post the Halloween pictures tomorrow!

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