Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sharon The Destruction

In the past we've talked about the destructive prowess of our resident Baby Huey, Ryan "BammBamm" Kennedy, but I fear we've been a bit unfair in our coverage. All of our children are destructive. Period. This is a fact of the stubborn nature they've inherited from both Meva and I, as well as my unique gift of freakish strength that they all possess to a degree. After months of collecting and a few more months of procrastinating, I'm finally getting around to posting the proof. I think the most interesting aspect of these photos is that each destructive act reflects a portion of their personalities, but please judge for yourself:

We don't call Ryan Bamm Bamm for nothing! No Rattle is ever safe!!

For over 6 months I've had the remains of this block waiting for a photo. This occurred at the height of Perrin's paper cravings.

Sarah has always had a love for food, and I think this photo just kinda sums it up perfectly.

Here's an extra little photo of Ryan and his Aunt Sharon during his first exposure to the Arts!

The picture of Ryan and Sharon was taken at my niece Ashley's final high school play. Uncle Louie was the chef in charge of the meals for the dinner theater performance. Ashley's final play was a really a Shakespeare sampler that was a lot of fun to watch. The babies were very awake and curious about everything. Ryan was the most interested in the play, he was actively watching and following along to the best of his little baby abilities. They were laughing and clapping and unfortunately they also got talkative too. Luckily uncle Louie had extra cookies from dinner and that helped to keep them quiet.............for awhile at least. All things considered, they were very well behaved and we both enjoyed exposing the kids to the Theater, even high school drama, at an early age.

Lastly, I wanted to tell everyone about a very annoying little habit Ryan has developed of late. It doesn't matter how much he has ate, how recently he ate, or even if he's currently eating, if he sees Mommy or Daddy eating, he absolutely must have some of what we are eating because even if it's the exact same thing they are eating. If we refuse, he gets mad and cries and sometimes throws a little fit and drops to the floor and kicks his feet. Obviously we must have chocolate forks or glazed plates!

That's it for now. I have some photos of the babies first exposure to a large pile of leaves, so check back in a few days!!

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