Monday, November 19, 2007

A Pile Of Leaves

We've got some nice old trees in our neighborhood that are just huge and full of vibrant colors this time of year. Their are so many of them on our block that I end up racking and blowing the yard at least three times a season and collecting enough leaves to fill approximately 40 garbage bags. It's not an exaggeration my any means. We recently had a nice warm evening That I thought would be perfect to for the triplets to experience their first time in a pile of leaves. Judge for yourself how well that went:

First one in was Perrin, He definitely wasn't sure about this.

Sarah however was very curious.

The it was time to throw them all in together.

By this point they all decided how they felt about the whole experience, it was kinda scary.

Daddy came to try and tell us its fun. Daddy is a weirdo sometimes, but we believed him that it was safe.

We were really ready to go back in the house and play with our toys.

Although Ryan was amazed at Daddy and his hat, Perrin sad it was over and time to come in. He was mad at daddy for this.

Well, we've got a big thanks giving weekend coming up this week and we hope to have plenty of pictures to share, maybe even while we're there. Stay tuned!!

1 comment:

Grandma Muriel said...

I'm so impressed with your computer "savy-ness". (Wish I could make it snow.)

I love the triplets in the leaves. 40 Bags!!!! No fun to deal with, I'm sure, but great fun to jump in when the kids are older.

Love, Grandma Muriel