Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Return

We've been gone a long time and much has happened. For those of you who weren't aware of what was going on, we had our account disabled by google and they have been just horrible in responding to our please for help or assistance. It's been almost 3 weeks now without word from them, so I have decided to take things into my own hands.

Presently I have set up a brand new blog, but if all of my work has been successful you wouldn't know this is a different blog by looking at it. I'm not really much of a programmer with HTML code and these templates, but I think I did a pretty good job of tweaking with this template to allow anyone to access the old one directly from here.

I know that there are far more people checking this blog out on a daily basis than I even know of as people have shared the URL to this site with others, and we are both thankful and appreciative of this. The one wrinkle this causes is that we can't possibly send out invites to everyone, so if you have ever sent the link to this blog to someone in the past I would ask you to take a few minutes and do that again. To make it easy, it's:

If any one has any trouble sending a link of this to someone, please let me know with an email. You can reach me directly at Chuck's Email . Thanks for that help!!

Today is Wednesday and the kids all have appointments to get their first shots at the pediatrician's office. Once we get back and I set Meva up with what she needs to do to post on this, we will fill everyone in with all of the exciting events of the last few weeks.

But before I go, I know everyone loves to see pictures of the kids, so here are a few new ones that we haven't yet had a chance to share.

The first picture here is of Sarah and Ryan. They were both a bit crabby this day so I sent them to bed early with their binkys. Once there they immediately calmed down and I decided to see if I could get a picture of them holding hands. Ryan held onto Sarah's little finger really well and they seemed to be getting on fine. About 10 minutes later Ryan started screaming bloody murder. When I ran in to see what had happened, Sarah had taken his binky away from him and was holding it in her two little hands and wouldn't let him have it back!! It was priceless and I wish I would have thought to get a pciture of that.

This next one here is of Perrin. He's a changed little boy and he was in a very good mood for me here, smiling and playing on him lambskin rug. We used to go days without a smile from Perrin, and even them they weren't really very big smiles. Now he smiles several times a day and laughs and plays like the other two kids. IN fact I was able to get him to smile for me today by talking to him and asking him for it, just like I do with Ryan and Sarah! With everything that little guy has beed through and overcome, I'm not ashamed to admit that I feel like crying because I am so overcome with joy!!

Speaking of smiles, here's our smiliest baby! It was one of the more recent bath times and I was trying to get a picture of Sarah smiling in her little duck towel. This picture was difficult to take because one; I was afraid Sarah would move real fast and slide off of the kitchen counter, and two: she was punching me and swinging her little fist around. I didn't even have to ask her to smile, she just thought it was funny to be punching me and basically doing her best to make my job more difficult. Yeah, her teen years are going to be a real treat!!!

This last one is Ryan, and it's actually our current desktop wallpaper on the computer. Despite how nice this picture turned out, I almost deleted it because I missed so much of what I was trying to capture. First off, he's actually dressed as a little pumpkin! He has an orange "onsie" on and the hat he's wearing is actually a pumpkin top hat! Perrin and Sarah were screaming their heads off about 3 feet away and I was very distracted trying to snatch a few photos before I began the feedings and changing of diapers. It's a great photo regardless and the way his hat looks on him reminds me of his great-grandpa Robert McKibben.

Well. that's it for now. You can see any of the images larger by clicking on them. We will both have more to write about in the coming days, so check back with us soon.

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Vicki Crim said...

Please tell Meva thanks for giving me your new URL and thanks for the kind words about my girls. I've added a link to your blog on my blog to make it easier to get to and so anyone else who happens to check out my blog can see your wonderful babies. They are absolutely delightful. SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!! And you and Meva do such a great job of caring for the babies and keeping everyone informed as to their progress. I know you have your hands full and you still do such a wonderful job of catching just the right moments on film. I love looking at the pictures you post. And as far as your HTML skills, I think you're doing a great job on that too. I was a web developer for three years so I know what's good and what's not. You're good!!!! So thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!!!!!! Hope your day is peaceful and filled with happiness.