Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Laugh When I Pee

That's a statement that's worthy of a good story. Most people who have small kids no how fast they can get into something they shouldn't and having triplets obviously intensifies this. As a result, it's important to do everything you can to monitor them visually, but what's a parent to do when nature calls and your home alone? Since we have a bathroom right off of the living room, when I need to go, I just go with the door opened so I can listen for trouble.

Yes, I know this is gross, but some time ago Sarah figured out that when her daddy goes in that strange room, something is going on. So she follows me as far as our gate will allow her to and she stands on her tip toes trying to see what I'm doing. She can just barely see me standing as I take care of my business. So as I'm standing in front of the toilet trying to quickly take care of business, Sarah begins to giggle and grin, waiting in anticipation for the "Tinkle Music" of the bathroom orchestra that her daddy conducts! As soon as the tinkling begins, she starts belly laughing as though I was doing the funniest thing in the world. The laughter is contagious, and for me it's dangerous, as laughing can cause control problems.

So as a result of Sarah's continue wonderment at all things daddy, I now usually laugh when I pee. Meva says that Sarah is going to be very disappointed when she learns she can't pee like her daddy does, but I guess we'll tackle that problem when we come to it.

Speaking of Sarah, she is walking all over the place! Many people already know this, but we've been too busy to post lately, so consider this the official announcement. She still walks like she just left a toddler tavern, but she goes from one end of our living room to the other without a problem. Ryan is a bit behind her, standing up and taking a step or two on his own, but then falling down because he hasn't yet mastered control of his big baby muscles. Perrin could care less and is more than happy to crawl around on his hands and knees. He can stand and walk along the sofa, so we know it's just a matter of time for him.

The other day Meva took all three kids to get their picture taken, completely on her own. It didn't go well. The kids were cranky and the photographer really sucked at his pictures and didn't get how difficult it is to shoot three babies at once. As a result, some of the pictures of Ryan are just classic! In the second picture he looks like he's eating rocks.

I think the biggest surprise of this outing for Meva was that Perrin actually was the least crabby and as you can see from the left, he took a pretty good picture. I think that's all him and Meva and just some open luck on the part of the photographer. Meva has said that this is really a two person job and that the next time they get them taken, we're going to double team them!

I won't promise I'll post anything else this weekend, but I will try to get another post up soon as tomorrow the kids are going on their first visit to the zoo! There is a special exhibit that lets you pet sting rays, so with any luck we'll get some interesting pictures of the kids with wildlife to share!

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Vicki said...

The pictures are fantastic. My daughter has twin girls that turned three June 4 and we never get really good pictures of them at the professional photographers. They just don't want to cooperate. Also, there are usually at least two or three people helping out besides the photographer, so to think that Meva did this by herself, I think it was a total success. She is one brave woman. You both have my total admiration. These are some very lucky babies to have such a super Mommy and Daddy!!!!!!