Monday, September 17, 2007

And Then There Were Two

First and foremost, Perrin had his eye surgery today and he is doing fine! He and Meva should be home shortly, they had to stop and get him new glasses on the way home. When things settle down a bit more today, I will update with more details about the surgery. Anyways, here's some pics from the past weekend.

Meva took the kids in their wagon to a Balloon festival. She said it was hard to keep them together and not run all over, so this was the only real good picture we could get.

Sarah loves to sit in my recliner and play the drum!

She's Not The Only One Either! Perrin Is a Big Fan

Ryan used to be the baby that hardly smiled when we took out the camera for pictures! That sure has changed, he's now the biggest ham and smiles like crazy for the camera.

And Speaking of Ryan!

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Anonymous said...

Ryan and Grandma Muriel walk about the same way now, except Ryan doesn't "break" when he falls down. Neither does he cry.

He & Sarah will be running races any day. Perrin will be like the tortoise & the hare and probably outrun them both in the end.