Saturday, January 05, 2008

Things That Go Bump In the Night

We've recently had a nice visit from Grandma Muriel and Grandpa Fred. We all enjoyed spending some good QT with them and the babies were thrilled to have all this extra attention. Sarah continues to bring me the book she and Grandma read a lot and now knows where her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are as a result. Perrin has these body parts as somewhere in the general vicinity of his head, so he smacks his head when you ask him where is your (eyes, ears, nose, and mouth). Ryan's too tough to play these kinds of baby games.

Anyway, for this visit we have rearranged the superyard set up so that you can access the back bedrooms without having to jump the fence each time, and we have maintained this set up since. The babies love having access to the back hallway and are adorable when you tell them it's time for nigh' nigh'. They squeal with delight and follow you to their room all excited about it. Grandpa says Chuck looks like the pied piper. I think the real reason for this is the party is about to start.

Yes, we have a baby monitor in the room, but sometimes you still wonder what has gone on in here the next day. For example, the nursery overhead light sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Chuck and I tried switching the switch out and would be just about to switch out the light fixture when it would start working again. Later, it's on the fritz and as we check it, we inadvertently forget to turn the switch back off, the next morning the babies wake first and I go into get them and the light is back on. We were going through this process when Grandpa realized our little Perrin is an electrician. He takes his crib and rocks it, hard so that it bangs against the wall and it knocks a loose connection to turn the light on and off. So, when Perrin decided it was time to get up, he would rock his crib to flip on the light and all the babies would get up and play. :-)

You gotta wonder what it is that he's doing in there sometimes. The other day, I went in to get the babies and Ryan who had gone to bed with pants, was there in his shirt and diaper (look closely to your left and you can see Ry's outfit) and Perrin was wagging Ryan's pants around like a flag of victory.

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