Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Facelifts & The Easter Bunny

As you can see I've been playing around with the look of the blog. I really like the crisp and clean layout of everything because I think it makes it easier to read. I expect to tweak it a little bit if my coding skills will allow it, but for the most part it is going to look like this.

If you haven't noticed, the upper left hand corner now has a small slide show of images for you to see. It's a new feature and so far I really like it. I'd love to hear some feedback from people about it. You can either leave a comment or email me directly by EMAIL just by clicking the link. Also let me know if this looked distorted or weird on your computer because it's annoying and I want everyone to enjoy their time here.

I don't have too much to report because I'm tired, so I will talk more in the next few days. Perrin however has quite a bit to say and some pictures to share, so enjoy him and his little comments.

Did you know that after you dump your toys all over the floor you can sit in the toy basket?

Sometimes Ryan takes 10 minute naps on our stuffed bear!

We all agree that it's more fun to sit on our stools this way!!

Have you heard about this Easter Holiday? Mommy says it's a religious thing. I don't know what that means, but Daddy said he caught a rabbit in the house at night and made it give him some candy for us. We also had to wear these ridiculous things on our heads.

Have you ever had a Peep? Daddy said I was going to like it but I wasn't sure.

That daddy is very smart, Peeps are awesome!! And you can fit them easily in your mouth.

If you have more than two though, you could get sick!

Then we all got to eat bunnies made out of chocolate. Sarah was confused at first.

Ryan was a big fan of his chocolate bunny!

Mommy said I would like it better than the Peeps!! I wasn't sure about that.

Did I tell you how smart mommy is? I tried to put it all in my mouth just like the Peeps, but it was too big and I got it all over my face. Daddy said it was time for a bath now.

I grabbed Daddy and told him he needed a bath now too!! Haha Daddy, now you have bunny all over you too!

That's all for now. Daddy wanted me to remind you all that if you click on the pictures, you can see a bigger version and even MORE chocolate on my face!!

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Collins said...

HAH! Finn sits in baskets all the time!!! How cute!