Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Feeling Isolated and all alone.

I've not made any effort to to hide how hard life can get here at times, usually during the all too common surgeries or when the cold or flue runs through the house a few times before it leaves. This is one of those times.

Each of the kids, as well as Meva and I have all had head and chest colds a few times recently, and poor Ryan is fighting constipation. When they're feeling better we try and get them out, like we did with the leaf photos, but those times are few and far between now that the weather is getting more of a bite. Usually we result to indoor adventures, like Triplets in Diapers riding a magic bear to Christmas!! I don't care who else it sound lame to, my kids think it is awesome, which instantly means that 's true and everyone needs to adjust their tastes!!

It only takes a few days of playing this way and then the old familiar gang of hoodlums start showing up again--Little Frankie Fever, Mikey Mucos, Hairy Headache, Cathy Cough, Tonya Tired, and Connie Cranky. They've all come to visit at the house today and Ryan got a special visit from Bobby BM and Paulie the Plug to discuss a work stoppage. As is usually the case, we called security after them; she can be very tough and extremely brutal in the way she dispenses health care.

It didn't take her long to clean house and send those little snots packing (No pun intenderd.........ok, maybe just a little but) She then ordered everyone, herself included, to start taking their meds again and to get some rest. That's always easier said than don, at least the resting part. Our kids are great medicine takers (at least for us), Getting them, especially the boys, to rest is the biggest challenge. I don't think Fudd ever wants to sleep. So here I am at 3am attending to both boys who are wide awake and screaming.

It took me the better part of almost three hours to get them calmed down with the help of their own little blankets and pillows, but after Perrin talked Ryan in to sharing a spot with the Fudd, things got better. Ryan was out first, but poor little Perrin held out indefinitely, complaining about how he hurts and can't sleep.

All this means that I may very well die tomorrow. It really sucks for us that the both of our families are out of state and unable to help out, and these are the types of impositions you only ask family. So, tomorrow I ma just die as I am already shakey and throwing up and I can feel my migraines already starting,

Double click anything you want to see bigger versions. Otherwise wish me luck getting Ryan in his bed still sleep so I can take Perrin in with me, which will be a challenge for sure..

And for give any errors or typos as I was under pain medicine and some anti-anxiety to help me sleep.

By everyone and goodnight.morning.


Michelle said...

lol! love the names of all the symptoms that invade this time of year.

i have a hard enough time with one baby, and can't imagine how you deal with it with the three kids.

i guess patience is just the key. that's what i've learned when my baby's sick.

i hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

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