Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Apologies and announcements.

We're closing in on almost two months since we've made any updates here. In a nutshell, the kids are doing fine and I intend to share pictures and stories here shortly.

I did however want to take this time to let everyone know that the triplets lost one of their grandparents on the day before Thanksgiving. My mother Cheryl died very early that morning from complications of COPD at the early age of 59. She lived with my sister Teri in Arizona and due to the distance and her health, she wasn't able to spend as much time with the triplets as she would have liked to. Although she won't be here for them as they get older Meva and I will be looking forward to sharing her love with them as they grow older.

Hopefully within this next week, we can go through all the wonderful photos we have from the holidays and begin sharing and updating everyone with their exploits. Until then, let me just share a nice photo of their first visit with Santa.

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Michelle said...

cant wait for more updates!