Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spelling Bee

I want to preface this entry with an explanation of our perspective. It has come to my attention that other parents have issues with parents that brag on their kids. I would hope that Chuck and I don't come across as my kid is better than your kid to others, rather than just sharing our excitement... because that's our motivation. Our excitement runs a little deeper too. It was about 2-1/2 years ago that we were living through this...

where Perrin was doing so poorly that he was intubated with 100% oxygen (which they try to avoid in preemies because it can cause blindness) and then put in a medically induced coma and shaken on this machine to cause his little diaphram to shake and breathe better for simple survival's sake...


it was shortly after this that we were told that Perrin had a grade III (out of 4) bleed in his brain that in itself could cause retardation followed by the news that he had hydrocephalus which could also cause retardation as well all the other complications of hydro.
Anyway, my point in pointing this out is so those of you out there seeing this have a better understanding of our excitement when we see him doing this. There is no my kid is better than your kid going on here... this is just look at what he can do, in light of where he's been...

Here's our little spelling bee champ...



snicketyone said...

Meva & Chuck,
You must brag! It's your job as a parent! I'm so thrilled at Perrin's fantastic progress, and am eager to hear more...so please keep the updates coming!
Maria's spinal meningitis and resulting large cyst and hydrocephalus caused severe damage to the language center of her brain. We were told she would never speak intelligibly. This weekend we're taking her to a town two hours away, where she will compete in a regional spelling bee after winning 2nd place in her local bee. She'll be competing without accommodations, speaking loud and clear.
I love this coincidence.
Let the bragging continue!!! Go Perrin!

Cecil said...

You shouldn't apologize for the kids being smart, the ARE smart. It's a fact. If other people are insecure, that is their deal. Your children have made fantastic progress, and you should be an inspiration to other parents whose obstacles aren't nearly as great.

Where's the ballot box? I'll put you both in for parents of the year.

Michelle said...

awesome blog! and you're a parent! bragging about your kids is what we do best. perrin is such a smart cookie. he is such a complete sweetie too.

keep posting! i love reading your blogs.

when you look at those vids and then the spelling video - it's beyond amazing to see what perrin has come from. he's a strong-willed little guy who is going to the national spelling bee championship haha!

Heather Shively said...

I think anyone who is a parent would not ever cut another parent down for being proud of anything and everything their children are doing!! How silly. Yell loud and be proud of what your kids have accomplished. Perrin derserves even more credit with all he's had to endure-Go Perrin Go!!!

Collins said...

I don't think I could love Perrin more if he were mine!!! He's so amazing, and I'm so proud of him!

For the record, since apparently I'm a fool, you guys are NOT 'Kid Yuppies', you don't brag in a way that is ugly or competitive. You're just plan proud of your kids-- as you should be.

NEVER worry about this with me. you know who I meant when I wrote that and it wasn't you!!!

Your kids are amazing, and if you factor in how ahead they are with their inherently harder struggle than most, you have all the more reason to show them off. I love learning from you as a parent and am happy to have you guys in the parenting group with me!