Friday, February 20, 2009

Frozen Veggies To The Rescue!

Today has been a rough day. The fact that all three children are still alive and not strung up from their toes is testament to my patience........and injuries! They're still running little colds and leaking snot all over. They're crabby and selfish and want what they want when they want it, which is often 5 minutes ago. Today was like that, but worse.

I brought Ryan into bed with me around 5am because he wouldn't stop crying. He was upset because his blanket fell down. Keep in mind it was still in the crib with him covering his legs, so I don't know what he was truly upset about, but I was really tired and just wanted to go back to sleep, so I dragged him with me and we fell back to sleep pretty quickly.

When we did wake up, I went directly into the bedroom to get Perrin and Sarah. Poo biscuits filled the room with a strong stench that almost knocked me down when I opened the door. Meva said she wanted to experiment and try putting Perrin down with his pajamas on normally---the experiment failed! Maybe it's just me, but Meva seems to like to conduct these experiments when she isn't around to see the results the next morning. From now on we hold off experiments until she is here for the results, that's for sure!!

Anyways, Perrin had taken off all his clothes and his diaper. He then pooped all over the bed---on his pillow, all his dolls, his towel, his tent, and as I later found out, all around the outside of the crib! And the best part is that he did it a few hours previous so everything that he got on himself, and did I mention it was on his legs, arms, ribs, back, chin, ear, neck, cheeks, forehead, the one sock he left on for reasons only he knows, and in his nose---well that was already hard and caked.

So, I immediately set out to clean him up. It takes awhile and the boy was red from all the scrubbing, but I got him depooped and he had a clean diaper on. I deserved some coffee at this point. so I went and grabbed a cup and clean clothes for the triplets and went back to getting them dressed. Perrin went first without any further trouble. Sarah followed Perrin and was excited to wear a skirt that I had picked out for her, so she went quickly and without incident.

Then came Ryan.

He was excited because I told him that when he was done we'd all have waffles and sausage, which all the kids love. So Ryan starts giggling and laughing, half-running and jumping, and isn't watching where he's going at all, which leads to his almost 40 poundsdoing a little hop, skip, walk right onto my left testicle!

So I do what comes natural and I groan loudly and give a little yelp. This being Ryan, it of course startles him and he stops standing on my groin just long enough to fall to his knees. Guess where 40 pounds of upset toddler landed, knee first? Yep, second hit in about as many seconds!

I had to take hydrocodone and ice down "the boys" with a bag of frozen veggies because it hurt so bad. And, I hadn't made it back yet to clean Perrin's mess. I thought that would take 20 minutes, but it took almost an hour and a half with all the crap I had to clean.

Did all that with a limp, a groan, and many a mumbled curses!

Then the colds took over and they got crabby, and it wasn't even nap time yet!

So on a day like today, since doing much else hurts, I figure I'll post some photos and remind myself of how cute they are. Plus I'll have this story that can be entered into evidence in any criminal trial from stringing them all up!! But seriously, here are some photos of the little monsters in better moments.

This is definitely cuter than the face I saw early this morning.

Our little musicians jamming at the piano.

Ryan did some finger painting as part of his sensory therapy.

Of course we wouldn't have him just do it while the other two watched.

This became a family event with all the kids trying out their inner Picasso.

Meva thought Perrin would have problems with it. I told her she was nuts. Perrin agreed with me.

Sarah liked it alot. Especially when I gave her a duck tatoo on her chest.

Ryan got a matching tatoo and a goatee. He didn't get as messy as the other two, but had fun regardless.

With a little help from Daddy, Sarah was ready for Braveheart!

Towards the end Perrin became almost completely blue. I didn't have to help him at all. Unfortunately we had to get them ready for a bath, so this was probably the best example we have of him digging in.

Now it's time for the end of this picture session. I was fixing something on Meva's computer when Perrin started a Daddy Pile. The also actively tried to pull my pants down too. The must get that from Meva, she's another one who is weird too!

That's it for now. Remember to double click on any picture to see it bigger. Hopefully seeing these makes you feel better too!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Chuck, I can only imagine. When there were four little ones at home, I sometimes had visions of "stringing them up", and I didn't even have testicles. BTW: I like "Linus & Lucy" at the piano.
Gr. Nana