Friday, March 06, 2009

Just Stories

I have some nice picture that I'll hopefully get to putting up here soon, but it takes a bit more time to take care of than I have at the moment. That's because for each photo I put up, there is probably 4-8 that I don't and I go through them and resize them for faster loading and when necessary I crop them or fix the red eyes. I will post more later though. In the mean time here are some observations and stories that I always mean to include but often forget:

  • Prior to becoming a parent, I wasn't aware that there is a "Daddy Costume" that all kids require a father to wear. As such, I may have to spend the rest of my life wearing shirts without sleeves, a baseball cap, and my gym shoes. Anytime I am without any of them, the triplets get....... well, the get a bit weirded out and worried. It's pretty sad when at the age of two they are already concerned with my appearance! If I am not wearing my hat, they usually find it (or a suitable replacement) and tell me to put it on. If I tell them I don't want to, they cry. Sometimes they just ask me about why I don't have the hat on and if they don't like the answer, they go and get it for me. And they are quick about it. If I take off my shoes, or put on a regular shirt, or God forbid take off my hat, within 30-60 seconds they point it out and the entire process of getting me back in "costume" begins all over again. Perrin is the most observant, but Sarah is the most dedicated and most tenacious about what she considers my "proper attire."
  • For those not in the know my mother-in-law is a fantastic music teacher. She teaches music and/or band to her entire town via the elementary and middle schools (I believe this is right) in addition to her church's choir, their bell group, tons of weddings, private music lessons, and she also "chips" in and fills in when neighboring towns, districts, choirs, and the occasional heavy metal violin band needs her. She got cancer almost two years ago and begrudgingly agreed to cut back----but only giving up the private lessons. She's also a former teacher of the year for the state of Ohio. So when I say she is involved with music and that it is a big part of her life, it's not an exaggeration. I've never said this out loud (or in print) before, but my impression of her is that she is honestly the "beat" of her town. Despite that, I am still me and one of the ways I often tease her is by calling a violin (her instrument of choice) a fiddle. She humors me when I do that by not choking me. Same thing when I tease her about destroying the kids desire to enjoy music. But the other day I tried to talk Sarah into helping me tease Muriel by teaching her to call a violin a fiddle. Sarah will often do anything daddy tells her (accept the first item above), especially if I am persistent. But in this instance she absolutely refused! No matter what I said or did, no matter what I threatened or bribed her with, she would not call it a fiddle! I thought Nana should know this.
  • Perrin has picked up using a "deep" voice for affect. It is most notable when I get him to say, "How Dare You!" It is hilarious, especially combined with the faces that he makes as he's using it. It is precious and wonderful and I hope to get it on video very soon.
  • Sarah has made the switch to a toddler bed. I think it's been successful. For the first week everyone talked about the "new bed." The boys initially felt left out since they are all still in the same room and in cribs, but we've bought each child a new pillow with satin pillow cases and made a big deal out of everyone having "soft pillows" to use. It's been less than two weeks now and the focus is off of Sarah's bed and more focused on the pillows. Sarah has also very dedicated to staying in her bed and not getting out and playing by herself or with the boys. She's not perfect, but I thought it would be more of a fight. Pictures of everything will follow.
  • Slowly but surely I believe I see Perrin walking better and better. Thesey are small improvements and they don't come quickly, but I see these "small steps" and it makes me want to break down and cry when I think about what he's overcome, what he's currently facing, and what is/may be in store for him in the future.
  • They all know who Batman is!! They like him and ask to watch him. It's like Rush Limbaugh's kids asking for their first vicodane!
  • They are getting very good at cleaning up their toys at the end of the morning and night! They are far from perfect and need consistent and firm reinforcement to stay on task most of the time, but they aren't throwing a fit (for the most part) and at times they are awesome at this.
  • Just last night Sarah was having nightmares or teething pain (she's late with her 2yr molars) or something unknown, so I brought her to bed with me. As I qwnt down with her, I told her that we needed to get into "cuddle position" and as I held her to get her to sleep, we spent about 5 minutes cooing back and forth with each other! She'll never remember it, but I'll never forget it.
  • Ryan is getting better with his fear/anxiety of water. Still trepidatious and unsure at times, he's now pouring water on his head! He'll never be Aquaman, but he might actually enjoy time at the pool.
  • A big treat for the triplets is "nap time with Daddy" when we all lay down in our bed. Aside for the novelty of it, I think they enjoy the fact that I sing for them. Bless their lack of scrutiny and critical ability, but they really like my versions of songs that are often adlibbed, out of synch, and almost always out of tune. It is the only time in my life I have ever enjoyed singing (with the exception of a weird dream I had that Meva still laughs about).
  • Of all things that are odd and different for a little girl to like, Sarah is obsessed with a black octopus grandma Muriel gave the triplets. As the boys are reminded on a daily basis, this is Sarah's!! Woe to those who try to even touch it! It is covered with pink hearts and is holding a Valentines heart and a red rose. She will not take a nap or go to sleep without her "occa puss."
I had fun just thinking about all the above and sharing them here, so I might start doing this on a regular basis so I don't forget all the great little stories and events that are small, but tell mountains about them.


Gr. Nana said...

Yeah for Sarah's VIOLIN. BTW: I always marvel at Chuck's singing's GOOD! (I've heard it..."Itsy, bitsy spider", etc.) Keep singing!!!
Love, Nana

Michelle said...

oh man that was too cute. love the singing/cuddle stories