Sunday, March 08, 2009

Attack of the Potato Babies!

It's not the photo update I talked about, but I couldn't wait to put these up any longer, they are just frickin hilarious! I hope you enjoy them. Only two of the triplets are hams enough for this kind of project, Ryan was too serious doing Ryan-type things somewhere. Double Click to see a better image!

I was at the store when Meva got these pics. Who knew Mr. Potato Head was so fun?

Seriously, he's my boy and I love him, but that is just creepy!!

He must have heard me because now he's giving me "The Look!"

Not to bee outdone, Sarah is assimilated!

Even she knows it's silly!

These pictures are going to come in handy at graduations, birthdays, before high school functions, and weddings!! I can't wait to pay them back for all the sleepless nights lost and to come.

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Collins said...

These pics are so cute, I almost exploded.