Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring has Sprung

We had a really nice treat with a 76 degree day on Tuesday and went for our first family trip to the park. <--(Check out the video). The babies rode in the stroller outside for the second time now and enjoyed seeing a little more of the world. Sarah especially was thrilled to watch Gus (the dog) walking along with us and she would squeal with joy watching him trotting alongside her. At our little local park they have swings for babies, unfortunately there are only two of them, so we took turns with each kid. They absolutely loved it. We've got a bunch of videos to share, most of them of Sarah this time as she tends to be doing new and exciting things first, although the boys are now catching up. Anyway, here is a video of Sarah swinging. Chuck is particularly proud of how he does her hair to stick up like a Gerber baby, which you can see in this video.

So, our new exciting developmental step is this...
They have learned to sit on their own. The pictures seen here shows a chronological depiction. Sarah has mastered sitting the longest, so she sits straight up and can do it indefinately. Perrin was the next to really try so he also can sit on his own, but he's still developing the strength to sit straight up for any length of time. Ryan likes to do weeble imitations, so in this picture you see him holding onto Perrin for balance and Perrin eventually flopping forward, still in sitting position as he fatigues having to hold himself and Ryan up. Here's a video of Sarah learning to sit.

Chuck and I are really enjoying how interactive and aware the babies have become. They all belly laugh, and though you may not believe it from all the stoic pictures, Ryan loves to laugh and does it most of all. This is a video of Sarah belly laughing with dad, then spinning which she absolutely loves.

Lastly, little Ryan has been in a little fight as he forgot his favorite toy at a friends house. It is being held ransom right now. He's been enjoying sending threatening letters back and forth, so for those holding the toy in ransom. This is what Ryan said after he opened the mail the other day.

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Grandma Muriel said...

How neat!!!! I survived watching Sarah SPIN, but by her looks, she, herself is a little overwhelmed.

Actually, it was their second trip to the park, because Meva & I walked them in the stroller last (?) November. But they were so little, we just walked by the swings. I think they slept the whole way. Sure loved watching all the videos!