Monday, February 26, 2007

In the company of greatness

I'd just like to give a shout out to Chuck, who is a great dad and husband. He manages this household with three babies, cranky lately at that... with an amazing grace. Granted, when I am at home with the babies on the weekend, it is a rough start from work early on Friday through the weekend primarily on my own as Chuck is gone working 20ish hours in two days + running errands after work. Nonetheless, it is all too clear to me that while I do a right out respectable job being home with the babies, Chuck takes it to another level.

The moment he walks in the door he brings such a light to the place. Just yesterday he walked in and said, do you want to clean or hang out with the babies. I opted to clean, and he just sang the most ridiculous songs and played with the babies and they all just giggled and loved it. He's really a great dad... and today I came home to home baked cookies and dinner made, despite him running short on sleep and feeling kind of sick himself. Not many people could do what he does, and he deserves a great big pat on the back and a few hip, hip, hoorahs.

The babies are getting more and more interactive every day. Today Sarah figured out the phone, she was mad when the phone stopped talking to her (Auntie Grandma), so Chuck called me at work on my break and I talked to her. Chuck says she was baffled by it, and knew my voice, but couldn't figure out where I was.

We had a great time when Ellie, Brian, and Heather came out the other weekend. I'd been feeling too punk to comment on it until just lately, so I'm happy to catch y'all up. For starters, it was terrific to see some of my oldest and dearest friends, not to mention FINALLY getting to meet their baby!

Ellie moves so well, it was neat to see her walking all around with support from the couch, chairs, etc. while our babies just wriggled on the floor. We aren't too far from that, and we've decided not to baby proof the place before we move so baby jail, here we come.

When they were out visiting, we all went to Ikea. It was the first time I'd put the triplet stroller together myself, and we picked a good store to venture into... we need big wide eisles and doors, and they have that. Normally we are something to point and stare at, but at Ikea, it kept happening in various languages. Tres?, no Quatro! and about 3-4 other languages I didn't recognize. The babies did well, except little Ryan had been constipated, so I pushed the prune juice and apparently pushed a little too hard. It worked a little too well. In retrospect, I'm not so sure they didn't have a tiny bout of the stomach flu round two as later Sarah and then Perrin had a few puking / diarrhea bouts... but regardless, that was my first experience with a diaper changing area in a public place.

Lastly, I'd just like to share some pictures Heather got of Perrin, Ellie, and Ryan that I think are absolutely adorable. And finally, a video of the napping car (in reference to the napping house) and of Sarah being kissed by Ellie.

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Anonymous said...

meva!!! i got your guys' blog off of shively's. it is so wonderful to see your wonderful babies! they are adorbable!

jolie larris (weaver!)