Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Photo Parade

There's really not too much to report on here, everything is going along pretty well. Other than the everyone in the house being sick with what looks like a weaker version of the stomach flu, we can't complain much at all.

Over the last week we were able to snap a few interesting photos of the kids. Our friends Brian and Heather came out for the weekend to visit. It was a great time because neither they or us had gotten to see the the new babies. They have a 10 month old daughter named Eleanor, or Ellie for short. Ellie is quite different than our three kids, she can crawl and stand on her own while holding on to something, she eats much more solid food, and she can really manipulate her toys. The funny thing is that she is really tiny, I think she weighs less than any of our three porkers! She's quite a charmer though and very active.

The first picture is of all four of the babies in onsies that say "Born in 2006" to commemorate the year all of them were born. Ellie was a bit difficult during the taking of this picture; she just wanted to explore and play, no time for sitting around thank you very much! There is so much for her to see and do in a new place. She especially enjoyed taking Gus' toys and playing with them herself. You can see her to the left chewing on his yellow rubber duck! Luckily we were able to clean it off and sanitize it so that she could play with it without the adults worrying that it was dirty. Although she just kinda looks like her parents never feed her, I can honestly say that's not the case. She doesn't eat a lot, but she is feed regularly despite what this picture might say!!

Speaking of hungry babies, we often joke about Sarah being hungry all the time. I know its just the age she is, but of the three babies she is always tasting things and putting things in her mouth with much more frequency. We've already got pictures of her trying to eat my shoes and my toes, but this was a new one. You can see on the right that she is so hungry she can't wait for her daddy to finish making the bottles and had to chew on something, it may as well be the jumperoo legs! If you double click on the picture you can actually see her tongue out and licking the blue leg of the jumperoo! She is insane and we always find her in the most unusual spots looking for food. That's how we came upon her for the next picture.

To the left is what we found the other morning when we got out of bed. We heard some scurrying and rummaging in the pantry and when we opened the doors, look at what we found trying to get into the baby biter biscuits!! If she's able to get out of her crib and climb up a couple of shelves in search of food now, what's going to be happening when she's 2 or 3 years old? I think I'm going to have to start locking the cabinets or caging her at night so she doesn't get out. Too bad she doesn't get up and vacuum! Not to be outdone, Sarah isn't the only one with issues when it comes to eating. Perrin is quite a handful in his own way.

Always active and wondering about what's going on around him, he is a challenge to feed even with the Podee. Not only do I try to restrain his arms and pin them down, I have gone one step further. It seems Perrin just gets real excited when he's eating and ends up pulling the nipple out of his mouth and then can't get it back in. He then proceeds to cry and yell because he's hungry and not eating. We go over and put the nipple back in for him, only to have him do it again, sometimes only 2 seconds after we help him out. The other trick I've developed? I take the caps from the podees and put them over his hands so he can't grab the nipple with his fingers! Sadly, it's not a long term fix as he can get out of them quicker than you can blink.

That's all for now, if you want to see a bigger image, click on the photo. And don't forget to visit Meva's video gallery on iTube by clicking it at the beginning of each post!

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