Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sarah In The Land of The Lost

I think I recently mentioned that Meva and I haven't been taken as many pictures as we normally do of late. Sure enough, I go and say that and then we take a barage of photos! First off is the funny one of the bunch, and that's Sarah with her "Sleestak: hairstyle. It's a little hard to see from the picture, but it was coming to a point in the middle of her head just like the reptile from 1970's Saturday morning TV. Yes, that means my daughter looks like a Sleestak, the creatures from the kids show Land of the Lost, and she acts like one too----hissing and growling as a way of communicating. She got that hairstyle as a result of always licking EVERYTHING! She had been particularly bad one day and had totally drenched my shirt in multiple spots. She thought this was funny when I pointed it out to her, and then she proceeded to drool over me as I tried to explain this. So I thought it would be funny to give her a big, wet, giant lick of my own on the top of her head. That new doo was the end result! The funniest thing about it is that it wouldn't go down after awhile. We tried combing it and it stayed, we even had her wear a hood over night, but when the next morning came, she was still a Sleestak.

These next two photos are hilarious. They show Sarah in all of her sad hungry glory. When she is hungry, which is all of the time, she will eat anything in site---as you can see nothing is safe. I was changing one of the boy's diapers and getting them dressed when I felt something on my big toe. When I turned to look, there was Sarah chewing on my big tow. When I asked her what she was doing, she gave me the look above right, shocked that she was totally busted. It was all in fun though because as I started to kid her about it, as you can see on the left she realized it was silly too! As of the last two days, first Sarah and then Perrin have been growling like monsters. It's a very low pitched, raspy growl like you would imagine coming from a creature feature type monster. Grandma Muriel was lucky enough to hear little Sarah squeaking in the background and commented on it. She then immediately started her growling so I held the phone to her mouth and let Grandma hear that too. Quite a dichotomy.

The next picture to the left is our little Fudd, he's rolled himself into the blanket we use to cover the floor while the kids are having tummy time. Fudd is showing his cousin Joey what happens when Uncle Chuck is ready to fix a baby's but and make sure it is working the right way. At this point they are all over the place, investigating everything, even what's under the blankets. When he was spotted, he tried to hide. Even though his mother is very strict with her Robert's Rules for correct crawling protocol, he is still doing a good job of it, even though to me it looks like he's doing an Army Belly Crawl behind enemy lines. I think that once they all realize their bellies don't need to be on the ground, the crawling will be in full force.

Not to be out done by her brother, over on the right is sweet little Sarah again. She is such a Daddy's girl it isn't even funny. Now if you've seen me with her, you know that is so true. No matter what's going on or what she's doing, if I come into the room I am often the only thing that she is interested in (must be the shoes!!). I didn't realize what degree this went to until I woke up yesterday morning to find that she had crawled over to my snow shoveling pants and curled herself into them and fallen asleep! Thankfully I only wore them for about 5 minutes the night before while I was digging Meva's car out for work the next morning. Hopefully she didn't chew on them too much, but this is the girl that has fallen asleep with her tongue hanging out like a basset hound.

Sarah wasn't the only one with a unique look or hairstyle. Little Ryan woke up from a nap today with this very nice Mohawk and a pair of seriously puffy eyes. You can tell how thrilled he was to have the camera flashing in his eyes after he woke up crying for some strange reason. I didn't want to miss the chance of getting this photo, so I didn't turn on the lights behind him to help with the picture. However if you click on it twice, or any of the pictures here for that matter, you be given a larger picture to look at. It took me 12 shots before I got one even this good, Ryan kept rolling away from me and trying to go back to sleep. Today he's been more crabby than playful and that look has been pretty common throughout the day.

Lastly is our future chef, little Fudd. This hat of his is part of an outfit, but when Meva showed me this picture she took, I thought he looked like Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Jr. It sounds ridiculous until you compare the photo of him with an actual picture of the original, Hector Boiardi. I know it's mixing commercials, but I laugh hysterically when I look at Perrin in this shot and imagine him saying in a bad Chico Marx type accent "Now dat'sa spicy meat-a-ball!!"Even though it's only been about 8 months, I already have a quite a menagerie of critters; a kids show monster, a pasta chef, and a punk kid with a Mohawk! I can't wait to see what happens when they become teens and actually start driving and doing other things

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