Friday, February 09, 2007

Snot Fun At All

Yes, the first real case of the sniffles have arrived! Despite having colds, the kids have all been in what I would call exceptional moods. Sure they're cranky from time to time, but no more than mommy and daddy are. If I've noticed anything it's that they are much more extreme in their moods. When they're cranky, they are exceptionally cranky--crying for longer periods and with greater urgency; when they're fussy---they cry because they're hungry and then refuse to eat, but they will chew on everything else (teething sign, I know); when they're tired---the sleep a lot more and a lot longer. And of course, there is snot EVERYWHERE!!! They are like machines. Sometimes they are so slimy and nasty that you hate picking them up.

Meva and I are working on getting them to take extended naps during the afternoon. It might be a bit early, but the worst that will happen is they will cry in their cribs and not sleep. We've only been doing this for a couple of days, but I am seeing positive results. It's mostly been happening in a catch-as-catch-can manner, but I believe we will be starting a firmer schedule early next week once we're convinced that this is working well for them. Basically we've only been putting them down singly or as a group in our bed. Tomorrow I'll be trying them together in their room. I'm almost ashamed to admit I am really looking forward to having a few hours to myself in the day if this works.

I think we are becoming a bit more selective in our picture selections as of late since we really haven't taken that many new pictures in awhile. The one up top is just the kids in these incredibly cute and warm outfits they got for Christmas from my sister Teri (Aunty Gramma). They really came in handy with this cold spell!! The best part is that when we stand them up the little pointy hoods make them almost look like some kind of doll or puppet. This next picture is of Sarah. The babies are really getting into Tummy Time and enjoy playing with their toys and each other. Despite all their different rattles and electronic toys that flash, sing, and play music, I think their favorite toys are the bouncy chairs and the jumperoos. This one shows a common theme as Sarah has rolled completely under a jumperoo while Ryan is still in it and jumping away! Just seconds after this was taken he began jumping on her head. My tough as nails little girl took it without a whimper!

The next one is just a quick photo of the boys in some matching onesies they have. I like the look of that one piece and I think the boys look adorable in them. Perrin was in a real good mood for this picture and his covering up a great little "Fudd" smile laying next to Ryan. The last two are the results of the kids having a father who partly views them as toys. As Meva was walking out the door the other morning for work, I had them hop on each other's back and make a Triplet Train. The best part of this is that they stayed with it the entire time I was snapping pictures and I had to pull them apart when I was done.

Of late they are eating more solid foods in one sitting and I think you can really see how smart they are becoming as they are visibly getting used to what all the circumstances are around a feed time. Whether its looking directly at a bottle or spoonful of food, or watching mommy or daddy leave a room and then crying, to chewing on everything they can get to, they are pretty amazing. They are so used to the microwave oven's sounds that they will get a bit fussy once they hear that. The other day while I was sitting on the floor and changing diapers on the boys, Sarah squirmed her way to me and started trying to chew and eat my foot. That's a hungry child right there for you!

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