Monday, February 12, 2007

It Moves!

Sunday I had to spend my day working a sales event from 11am until 10pm and I wasn't able to do much of anything with the kids. I have a better understanding of how Meva feels on Mondays since she is gone from 8am until about 9pm, you're basically giving the kids a kiss goodbye and goodnight on your way out the door.

To make matters worse, Sunday Perrin crawled a few steps, and he did it twice!!! She wasn't able to get it on video, but we will in the future. Of all the kids he's the one who shouldn't be crawling first, but it doesn't surprise me at all that he is. I was feeling a little down about now getting to see this, then we had an explosion yesterday. I put all three of them down on the floor for some tummy time and moved all their toys away from them. It only took a few moments and then Perrin got frustrated and crawled a few steps over and got his plastic key ring. Not missing a beat, Ryan saw this and almost immediately went after this giant weebel that we have!! That was pretty cool to see how they feed and work off of each other, almost like a gestalt.

Sarah on the other hand was a little bit more stubborn (naturally). None of the usual toys worked with her, she just wasn't that interested. I had to pull out the big guns (literally) and got out Sarah's favorite thing in the whole world to play with. It's going to sound strange, or even gross, but for whatever reason she just loves this thing. Meva was shocked the first time she saw me give this to her to play with. Her eyes grow REAL BIG like saucers and she often gives out a squeal and hugs this thing before becoming totally engrossed in it. I always makes sure I've cleaned it before I left her play with it, so don't fret there. This favorite thing of hers in my white gym shoe! She's totally nuts, but she's really into it!! I don't know if I have a miniature Imelda Marcos on my hands or if she just really digs her daddy, but my shoes are number one with her at the moment.

So, I place my shoe in front of her, about a foot (bad pun, I know) out of her reach, and she giggles, wiggles and squeaks when she sees it. After about 3 minutes of not being able to get to it, she does the tiniest little crawl and gets about a third of the way there. Once more, then a third and final time and she's got it! The last one to crawl and we owe it all to my ridiculously large feet!

Another cool thing that is happening of late is how well the babies are interacting with each other when they play. The will frequently share something large and chew on it from both ends simultaneously, or hold hands and play with each other, or just look at another baby and touch them and "talk" to them. And poor Ryan, he of the longest hair, sometimes they pick on him and pull his hair. He really doesn't like that. Perrin is by far the worse offender of this as I think he is just very curious about hair. I know it's just curiosity and instinctual movements, but sometimes it looks like Ryan is slapping Perrin right after this happens. It's pretty funny. To the right is Ryan in the middle of one of his "explorations." Of the three, he's the most curious about the rest of the house and he often goes all over the place, towards the door, under the tables, or in this case under one of their vibrating chairs. Once when I got up to go to the bathroom, I came out and he was half-way down the hall as though he was looking for me. Anyways, this is Ryan in what almost looks like a little cage that he completely got himself into all on his own.

Well, time to go back out and shovel some more snow after I get the kids put down for their afternoon nap

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Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Chuck,

I love this post the most(Ryhme intended). I really like how you add your "voice" into it. I also love how little sarah fascinated by a shoe as big as her body!

-David Jackson
(Your nephew)