Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Babies' First Friend

It's been some time since we had the chance to update things. The babies' cousin David had stayed with us through the beginning of the month, and we were sad to see him go.

As I'm sure you can imagine things have been busy here. The babies turned seven months yesterday. Over the weekend I sorted their clothes out so we moved all the stuff in the dresser to storage boxes and the storage stuff for 6-9 month olds to the dresser. I felt so sad putting away the little doggie sweater vest that I so wanted to fit them and used to just hang off them and now it fits them like most of my clothes. :-) Too tight. I'm sure this is just the beginning of all the mourning of milestones past.

I've had the luxury of having Chuck here one day during the weekend for the past two weeks. The Bears have done so well, that he figured no one was coming into the store during game day and why waste the time since as a part time employee there is no draw. You make what you make more or less and he figured it would be a waste of time. It was great to be able to all be there together. We had the opportunity for the babies to go and meet their new friend, Finnegan Danger Curry for the first time. He's a real cutie, and our babies look like giants next to him. We can't wait for them all to grow up together and get to be great friends.

On the home front, Ryan's hair has continued to grow and he has taken to doing Chewbacca imitations. He chortles like him regularly, and he loves it if you chortle back. Ryan loves to jump in his jumperoo and will do so for hours then fall asleep in it and occasionally jump in his sleep. He loves it if you just talk to him from across the room while he's in there and will now smile if you make kissey sounds from across the room. He is now the biggest baby (where he was born the runt) and weighing in at what I recall to be 17 pounds 11 ounces. I think it's all leg muscle from his constant jumping... that and the fact this little guy was the only one in the household to never get the stomach flu, so he just kept growing.

Perrin is about ready to crawl. He is poised to do so and will rock back and forth. I think once he figures it out he will be off like a lightening bolt. The other day, we were getting ready to go to the doctors and I walked out of the room to get the diaper bag. Chuck walks in the room and can't find Perrin. He'd rolled and rolled and rolled all the way to the front door. I guess he was just ready to go.

As I was downloading some recent videos of the babies today and played them on the computer, they totally captured Perrin's attention. He was mesmerized with this baby that looked and sounded just like him. He is a bright, strong, physically capable baby, it's so cool to see after all he's been through.

Sarah remains the charmer and the thrill seeker. She loves to be tossed into the air like a little cheerleader. She loves to be hung upside down and swung. She loves to be spun around in circles and then sat upright to get all dizzy. Lately she's taken to expressing her joy with squeals. Chuck calls her dolphin girl, and she responds to it. She is also very strong. If you hold her on her thighs, she will keep her balance for minutes at a time and then finally topple over like you've cut her at her trunk or something.

The babies are all attempting to work their podees which is hilarious. They pull it out of their mouths and try to stick it back in. Perrin seems to be the best at this so far, also he has had the most practice. But, in their attempts to fix the bottle's position, they continually bonk themselves in their head. Sometimes they get the nipple turned the wrong way and try to suck on the back of the nipplepiece. If they aren't too hungry they have lots of patience for this, and if not they let you know.

In terms of big stuff going on in our lives, we have figured out that due to the debt we are in, largely in part of this addition gone wrong, and because we are now mostly a one income family, we can no longer afford to live here... so we have begun the hunt for a more modest home, ideally closer to my work. I am currently driving 45 minutes one way. It's quite something to get the house ready, look for a new place, watch three kids, work a regular job plus an extra job of medical transcriptionisting and Chuck working on the weekends. Sometimes I feel like yelling to Chuck, "Jane, stop this crazy thing." (in reference to the Jetsons where George gets stuck on the treadmill). I'm hoping that cutting back and living a little more simply will allow us to live just that, a simpler life.

I'm leaving you with a couple of fun videos, and once again the transfer to youtube has left the appearance of a poorly dubbed martial arts film, but you get the point....

Dolphin Girl.

Typical View from the Rocking Chair.

Scary Wind.

Perrin's Whoop.

'Mater and Chewy.

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