Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hooray!! Everyone's sick.

We've been unusually busy lately. We've had the good fortune to have our 13 year old nephew, David, staying with us for nearly a month. It's been nice to get re-aquainted with him. He hates to hear it but he reminds me very much of Chuck. He's been so great with the babies, and I know they especially will miss him when he goes back to Arizona.

Today Sarah gave David the gift of projectile vomitting, after which she shot him a grin like she'd just swallowed the Cheshire Cat. David was pretty grossed out, but really took it all in stride. He did better than most adults handling being absolutely drenched in it. For me, not so much seeing David covered in vommit but just seeing Sarah throwing up that much made my day. You see, Perrin was the first to get sick, and of course when Perrin is vomitting, that can be a sign that his shunt isn't working and he needs repeat brain surgery. The vomitting has been about the only symptom for him, then Chuck got sick, then Sarah, and tonight I felt the call of the bathroom myself. It seems weird to be grateful for the stomach flu, but I'll take that over brain surgery for my kid any day.

We've had an eventful Christmas and New Year's and I will tell you more about that another day. It's currently 1:13 am, and I have just finished up my second job of medical transcribing. I'm grateful to have this opportunity to work at home so I can still be near my babies and yet still be able to try to make ends meet. But, it is yet another time sponge, so there you have the wee hour entry and promises of Christmas Tales another time.

In the meantime, I will leave you with some fun videos that our resident video producer, David, arranged. Unfortunately, some of them when they get transferred to Youtube have some sort of delay between the sound and the image, so it ends up looking like some bad Kung Fu movie... but you'll get the point. So click on below for....

Ryan the Defender Against Evil

Sarah and the Shark

Gus and Ryan

Ryan in the Jumparoo

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