Friday, January 05, 2007

Vomit Everywhere

I think Meva unintentionally downplayed the events of the last few days here. With my nephew David staying with us, we have a total of six people in the house and as of this writing Ryan is the only one not to have come down with any symptoms.

The most telling symptoms are vomit and diarrhea. Basically the kids are doing the vomiting and the adults get the diarrhea. With Perrin it lasted about three days and at it's worse I went through 4 shirts that he totally soaked. This is so much more violent and worse than when he had the acid reflux at about 3 months. Sarah started her vomiting today, and she did it in style, spraying the front room from her swing....she got puke 4 feet from the swing!! It must be the father in me, but I was kinda proud at the distance she was able to get....atta Girl!!

So with the kids being sick they've all been pretty crabby at times. Luckily there has been someone around to hold them or lay with them in bed so they feel safer and more secure. In fact on Tuesday night they were so cranky we ended up with all three of them in our bed and they chased Meva out by crowding her with their auras! So I ended up sleeping with all three of the kids spread out in a little blanketed enclosure. It was actually pretty cool.

It's been just over a year since we learned that we were having triplets and as we've chronicled here it's been an exhausting and exciting ride. Despite everything we've been through there are still times when the entire novelty of the situation comes back to me and snaps me out of the regular rhythm of raising them. Tonight I was holding Ryan and getting him settled down for bed when I was just overwhelmed with how special it is to have three little babies all at once! They each have their own distinct personalities and quirks and I love them all, even when I am drenched in vomit! It's a bit beyond me to convey this feeling, but it's just too incredible not to share.

And speaking of sharing, here are a few photos my sister took of the kids when she was visiting for the holidays. It's becoming much harder for Meva and I to capture them smiling since they recognize the camera and know that something is going to happen, They're pretty quick to catch on to that at such an early age. Anyways, here are some great pictures and smiles from all the kids.

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