Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Face to the Complaints

I don't know if everyone is aware, but over the past few days an advocate of the Triplets has come forward. This advocate has voiced his concerns and complaints about pictures of sweet Grandpa Fred and other issues. He has called me in the past concerned that the babies might be watching scary movies with too much blood, and this very morning he told me he found the picture of Perrin's butt inappropriate. Who is this advocate? You can see what he looks like on the left, he is Joey--The Defender of Triplets everywhere! He feels it is his job to watch out for the babies and make sure that they are safe and protected from Monsters and Grandpa Fred.

I've also got a few other pictures to put up of the kids. This first one on the right is Perrin, our resident drama king! He is definitely the most passionate and emotional of the babies; there isn't much gray with him or his moods. He's either extremely happy or really cranky! The transition period for these moods is usually quick. When Meva was attempting to get a good picture of the kids in their Santa hats, she tried to get some individual shots of them which are generally much easier to do. Here is a great one of Perrin. I think he looks like a little elf! He's definitely up to something in this picture, it's just too bad that Meva didn't realize it was the beginning of a cranky episode!

I also have a great picture that I am afraid I will not ever get to take another like it. Sarah and Ryan are laying together in one of their bouncy seats. It seems that in the last two weeks these guys have become HUGE, Sarah specifically. There is no way we can comfortably get them into a bouncy seat together, so this cuddly picture of the two of them taken at the beginning of the month may just be the last of its kind. I'm not too proud to admit that it tugs at my heart that these days are already quickly passing by.

This last photo is part of the soon to be famous holiday baby feast of 2006. Joey the advocate thinks we are trying to eat the babies when he sees these pictures---ahh the imaginations of kids. Think of that it scares me to project what my three will be like all at once with mine and Meva's sick minds passed on to them! Of all the babies this day, Sarah was the most cooperative, which isn't much a surprise. Individually she smiled great as you can see here in all of her salad glory. I call this picture, Sarah Says Lettuce Entertain You! This will definitely help make this a Christmas to remember for more than the obvious reasons.

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