Friday, December 22, 2006

Baby Fanmail

The previous post had a very nice picture of the Grandpa Fred holding Ryan in the recliner. We all love Fred and thought it was a cute picture, but it hurts me to say this---I've received complaints about that photo. Apparently the objections stem from the fact that Grandpa Fred is in the picture, and I've been asked to "get that man out of da piture."

This request comes from my little nephew Joey in Arizona. He is only three years old, but he really enjoys seeing the pictures and videos of his cousins; but he doesn't seem to find Grandpa Fred as exciting, but we all know that just means he hasn't had a chance to meet Grandpa Fred yet!

So, since Joey really wants a new picture to look at, I thought I would dig around and find a few new ones to share. This one on the left is Ryan, and he is dressed up in a very festive "Pie" costume that Meva made herself. She got this idea from Martha Stewart, possibly in her magazine, but I think they also had it on her daily show too. You can click on the link to see the original. Meva decided to go with making Ryan into a Lemon or Banana Creme Pie, I can never remember which (and I don't think it's that big of a deal). This costume is part of a group of costumes that Meva wanted made for the kids. If you've gotten our Christmas Cards then you've gotten to see the final result. For those of you that haven't gotten one yet, I will hold off until Christmas morning before posting them for all to see and for now we have our little "beasty pie" Ryan. I'm sure this picture will come up at some point when he brings his high school girlfriends over to the house to meet his parents.

Meva wasn't the only one wanting to get into the festive holiday mood and take some seasonal photos. While I wasn't anywhere near as creative, I did try to focus on the natural cuteness of the kids and try for a more traditional and classical looking picture to send out as our X-mas cards. Just like with the picture above, I won't put up the actual photo from the cards until Christmas, but I do have a few other good ones from the session that are worth sharing. This one was actually the last one I took, but looking at it makes you think that the babies were all staring at the hats and saying, "You want me to put that on my head?" Meva and I both thought we would get some great shots like this, but the babies have been less cooperative lately and they were pretty crabby and uninterested in just about anything we did with them. I guess the teething is about ready to hit it's stride.

Remember, click on the photo's to see a larger version of it if you'd like.

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