Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sarah Ziggy Piggy

The babies' appetites are on the rise. Miss Sarah last night was enjoying a rare treat of being the only baby fed at the time (she'd slept while the other two were feeding) and she had her dad's undivided attention... nonetheless, she felt he wasn't feeding her fast enough and would cry and cry for more sweet potatoes... Chuck remarked how he was shoveling it in so fast, and she still wasn't satisfied that maybe she should just eat the sweet potatoes right out of the jar. So, he set the sweet potatoes up like a drink, which she then actually did drink and for the first time that night was satisfied at the rate she could get the food down. Here's a picture of the end result
followed by a video of... Miss Ziggy Piggy.

The babies are now all up in separate cribs.
Ryan and Sarah were sharing a crib as they were the soundest sleepers, we would start off the and we would start out night with them sleeping seperately laying across the width and in the morning, we would find them bumping into each other - here's our little Ryan (the cuddler) cuddling Sarah in their sleep. So now the almost 10 x 10 nursery is crammed with three cribs and a dresser and a swing. It's pretty tight in there.

Lastly is a picture that I really like. It reminds me of a dream Chuck had nearly a year ago now... where he was playing in a pile of babies... that's exactly what we have here...

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