Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Entertaining babies

I think we have three little baby time warps... It's amazing to me how quickly time gets away from us. Things continue to go well. The babies are getting stronger and starting to roll over a little more and Ryan although he isn't really 100% crawling - gets around a little when they have tummy time.

We had a nice Thanksgiving. My parents and my sister Missy came over and had lots of QT with the babies. The babies all had a little Thanksgiving dinner too... they had their first sweet potatoes, and I gave them all a bite of pumpkin pie. They all enjoyed that... the boys were very sweet with the pie, liked their few bites and moved on. Sarah INSISTED on having more... she'd thow a little fit if she didn't have some and ended up eating a whole piece of crustless pumpkin pie.

We have lots of cool pics lately, and another time when we have more of a chance I will post some more pictures but for now... a little bit on Ryan...

Ryan is the only baby with a decent head of hair at this point. Sarah is starting to fill in her male pattern baldness, and Perrin will probably end up with some sort of skater look when his half a head of hair grows in, but Ry has hair long enough to style. So Chuck and I were fooling around with ... The Many Looks of Ry...

First, is Classic Ryan with a slightly toussled look.

Next is Nerdy Ryan with all his hair combed forward,

then Professional Ryan,
and lastly Cupie Ryan. We were going for a punk look, but he turned out looking like a cupie doll.

As I mentioned before the babies are starting on baby food. Today we did applesauce again, and it was funny watching their reactions. Here is a video that cracks me up with all the babies eating applesauce. Applesauce Video

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