Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Picture Parade

The first major holiday for the triplets has come and gone and I think it was a blast. Although we had more fun in the days leading up to Halloween, it was fun to actually have a nice understated day with them that was just a little bit special.

Perrin is having his post surgery check-up this morning with his nuerosurgeon, which I expect will go perfectly. As I have said before, he's like a whole new baby, so I am confident that there isn't anything to worry about. That being said, I will post another update later today after they come home.

Did I mention pictures somewhere? Here they are!

The photo on the right is Sarah in her little witches hat. I had a hard time actually getting this picture because she was smiling and laughing so much that she was pulling her hands up and in front of her face. To the left is Sarah dressed up as her middle name, Flower. She is becoming more and more photogenic and she is always quick with a smile when ever we try to snap a photo of her. As you can guess Halloween is a great holiday for us to play dress up with her.

The next photos here are of Ryan. On the right is a happy little fellow during his feeding. The little black mustache he is sporting on half of his lip is acidopholus, which is a powder we put on the nipple bottle that helps with his digestion. We just thought he looked cute with half of a Snidley Whiplash mustache. The other picture is from Halloween night when he was a cat. He was in a pretty mellow mood that evening and that was the best smile I could catch from him.

Perrin spent his Halloween mostly as a pumpkin, but he did take a stab at being Mickey Mouse. A few days before the holiday Meva had the kids play dress up in some of our extra costumes and she took pictures of them. Perrin didn't look to thrilled about playing dress up, but as you can see from the right photo he was all smiles and giggles for both Meva and I. He has a matching orange onesie that goes with it, but he had a little accident that day and he spit-up all over it, so he was to change it. For some reason when he wears this hat he reminds me of Elmer Fudd, so when you see him remember to be vewy vewy qwuiet!

I really try not to favor any one child over the others, but sometimes its hard to do that when one of them is so photogenic. As you can see on the left, we've been trying to get the kids started eating cereal. Sarah tries to be neat, but she just can't seem to get this down pat. The kids have not been very successful with this and they usually seem a bit confused whenever we try to put a spoonful in their mouth. This picture of Sarah is typical of the results from one of these such attempts except she's much nicer than her brothers, Perrin in particular throws a royal fit and tells us that he doesn't have time for this crap and that he wants his bottle NOW! For the most part we are supplementing by putting cereal in their formula bottles at the end of the night so that they might sleep better.

This last picture just cracks me up. Sarah was in a fantastic mood and I thought she would look adorable with this little bunny hat on her. She was all smiles and laughs with me and then I put this hat on her. Almost as soon as it touched her head she began throwing a fit. We get spoiled with how much a charmer she is most of the time, but she can put on a tantrum with the best of them. I sat her on my recliner to get this picture and what you can't see is her kicking her legs to go along with this screaming. She sounded like we had really hurt her, but the moment I took the hat off she went right back to smiling for me. The hat must be haunted.

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