Friday, November 17, 2006

Dinner Time

Things at home continue to go well. Perrin has a speech therapist that comes to check on him twice a month and he's passing with flying colors. The babies are all getting so big lately, they seem like giants to me anymore. They are getting strong and rolling over more often - although I don't know that they are doing it intentionally.

We are introducing more and more baby food.
We've been making much of it ourselves in the food processor. They are especially fond of bannanas - we often can't shovel it in fast enough. They are quite messy and Perrin especially gets angry if we can't feed him fast enough, so he throws his little arms all over the place, running them across his mouth and across the food there then rubbing all over his head. It's quite an ordeal. These pics show their first taste of carrots. (the second course after bannanas)

The babies still conk out pretty well after dinnertime, and Chuck thought it would be funny to have this picture of Perrin asleep like he'd been pigging out on potato chips. The line on his chest that looks like a straw under his skin is a part of his shunt. His wounds are all now healed over finally, and we are looking forward to our dog returning to us where he can lick a baby without worry of infection. `

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