Saturday, November 04, 2006

Montage of Cuddles

Things at our home are going well. Chuck is home recovering from his vasectomy which makes today the 3rd day since the babies have come home that Chuck and I have the day off together. I am enjoying his company since our time is so limited these days.

I'm hoping we can find the time to get those thank you notes written to all you wonderfully generous people out there. Sometimes one adult and three babies doesn't allow you to get much done. Overall though, I think we are doing remarkably well all things considered. It helps that most of the time the babies are very good.

I thought I'd share with you this little montage. Ryan tried to cuddle with Sarah. He actually did this on his own. Most of the time, the babies prefer to be with Chuck or me, but don't care to cuddle with each other. So, it was very cool that Ryan wanted to do that. Here are the pictures as the process went...

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