Monday, November 06, 2006

A Sad Day

I'd like for Sundays to become a very good day for us as a family to get to spend some time together when the kids are older. As they get older this will be a day of attending church services and bonding over NFL football.

The babies have been blessed with their first football season as the Ohio State Buckeyes are undefeated and the top college team in the nation, and our beloved Chicago Bears have been dominating during the first half of the year; until yesterday that was.

Meva doesn't have the same sense of fan support for the teams as I do, so I have to really beg her to dress them accordingly for game days. Since I was home this weekend due to my vasectomy I was able to get the kids in their proper attire for the Bears game. Although it was a sad day, here is how they were at the beginning of the morning prior to kickoff.

And then our darling Sarah had a thought about the results of yesterday's game.

I can't wait until they are older and can really get into watching the games with me. There's not too much new to report today, but there are some great pictures so I thought we'd share them with everyone. The only thing of real note that happened was last night Perrin began talking up a storm out of the blue. He's been the most vocal baby since his surgery and I thought to capitalize on this by calling someone and just having him talk to them when they picked up the phone.

It was 11:00 our time which made it too late to call anyone near us or in Ohio, so I called my sister in Arizona who is an hour behind us. I called and my niece answered, but by this time Perrin's talking was turning into full out crying! Determined to go through with this, I still put him up to the phone and let him talk charge. Well, my niece Amanda answers the phone and it was hysterical. She was initially stunned and then recovers and starts talking to the baby. Here's a transcript of the conversation:


Amanda: "Hello Baby!"


Amanda: "You don't sound very happy."




My niece didn't really know what else to say and since she never really made any comments to me or about anything else, I figured it would be funny to just hang up the phone and make the whole experience seem as though Perrin called on his own!

I guess crying babies must call them often because they never called me back! Apparently it's such a common event there that they knew what Perrin was saying and didn't need to call me back at all. It was just funny. Anyways, that was our weekend.

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