Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Table for One

Today Perrin had an appointment for a kidney ultrasound way over at Christ Hospital (where he was born). Rather than drag everyone to the big petrie dish, just Perrin and I went. He did just great. He was in such a great mood and charmed the socks of of everyone, but it was a whole different experience with one baby.

After I packed the diaper bag I kept feeling like I'd forgotten something, it took me no time to pack it and there was all this extra space in there. Although people smiled and adored the little guy, there was never a time where there were swarms of people surrounding us, preventing us from going about our business. It was a nice change of pace.

His ultrasound went well, and his kidney has shown remarkable improvement. It isn't 100% normal just yet, but may still come around... so for now it's a watch and wait thing.

It was nice to spend the morning being able to focus all my attention on just one kid. Perrin was such a joy to hang out with. On that note I will leave you with his recent picture after he "helped" his dad with dinner and smeared a big streak on his face. Chuck then thought it would be fun to finish the picture that Perrin started with his face painting. So here's our little warrior...

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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! Uncle Chuck, you out did yourself on these entries wit the blog and stuff. They babies are cute as usual an I really miss them a lot. :(

Well, TTYL. BYE!