Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Update #1

As the babies get older, we spend more time just keeping up with them and playing. More and more they crave interaction and love to have Meva or myself sing and play with them. In that regard March has probably been the busiest month we've had since Perrin had his surgery. So, what have we been up to? Lots!

Our friends Tom and Colleen had a St. Patrick's Day birthday bash for Tom and we brought the kids along with us. In typical fashion we spent more time holding the babies and talking and forgot to take some photo's of the evening, but the following day I got some pictures of them in their St. Patrick's hats. Sarah was sick around this time with a cold and was unnormally crabby. You can tell by looking at her eyes that she's tired and a bit under the weather.

Perrin took some hilarious photo's during this session. I swear the kid perpetually looks like he is startled or has hiccups in many of his pictures, he's going to be our ham, I can just tell. Ryan on the other hand thinks that photos are stupid; he must hate them because he rarely smiles during them. I get the feeling looking at his serious scowls in some of these pictures that he's going to be shaking down kids on the playground for their lunch money!! Well, I was lucky enough to get a quick pic of him almost smiling. Looking at them together I imagine them as a before and after of getting someone else's lunch money.

Sarah of course just wanted to eat things when I was taking these pictures, it's her way! I must have tried to take about 15 different pictures trying to get one in which she didn't look like she was a zombie. This was the best we could do with her.

The rest of the month saw many visitors and outing for the kids. They went out to eat three times and were so wonderful during each meal. They just smiled and played and especially in Perrin's case, they looked all over at all the activity happening around them.

With that period of about 2-3 weeks in which Sarah was sick with a little cold. That meant she was a bit cranky and wanted to sleep quite a bit. Even when she was up and awake, she still looked run down and tired. That didn't mean she couldn't begin training for the 2020 Olympics, which she intends to compete in the gymnastic events and has started doing the splits!

Not to be outdone, our resident tough guy Ryan has also gotten into the whole exercise and health thing by working out. We won't goo too much into his regimen right now, but when he is done with his workouts, he often likes to check on his progress and does some flexing to show off his massive fisher price muscles.

As always, click on the photo for a larger image. I hope to post again in the next day or two to show even more photo's of what's been going on.